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The A2-004 Titanus, made in the year 3086, was first put to the job of making both the Aries and the Avalon Angel obsolete. The shield on the arm of the Titanus, is as mentioned before, the same model as the one on the Avalon Angel, except that it is made of a new sort of Biluminite, which is orange. The head of the Titanus, a mixture of all three of its’ predecessors, is the same size as the Avalon Angel, has the same “ears” as the ArchAngel, and the explosive quality of the head of the Aries. A ringing, swishing, or other noise in the ears or head when no external sound is present is called tinnitus.

Many recreational events such as concerts, sports, or hunting may come with loud noise that can bother the ears. However, it was slightly more reinforced, since the Titanus was meant to fight and take down bigger mechs than the Avalon Angel. While the Titanus was made to be equally as protective as the Aries, it wasn’t made to contain gaseous Biluminite, which is the Aries main defense. Do not use tissue or cotton in the ears as these not only do not offer adequate protection against certain loud or high-pitched noises, they may become lodged in the ear canal.

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