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Nausea and fatigue are two very common symptoms, and can be directly linked to factors like insufficient sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, and high stress levels. Nausea is characterized as general discomfort of the stomach, usually accompanied by the feeling of vomiting. When you feel nauseous, it is helpful to think back to what you ate or any other reasons for feeling nauseous, such as eating something that may have appeared or smelled spoiled. Fatigue refers to the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion, which typically results from stress, depression, poor diet, or lack of sleep and exercise. Fatigue occurs when the body has to work harder than usual to carry out every day activities. Several ways to combat fatigue are getting sufficient rest, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting plenty of exercise. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to fighting fatigue because nutrients fuel energy levels throughout the day.
Generally speaking, nausea and fatigue go hand in hand, especially when lack of sleep, poor diet, and lack of exercise are involved. Fatigue and nausea are two uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms that can affect anyone on a daily basis.

Adrenal fatigue is common in menopausal women and refers to a deep, unrelenting feeling of exhaustion. Scientific evidence suggests that regular exercise can help curb daily fatigue in menopausal women.
The good news is that most of the time the first trimester pregnancy symptoms will start getting better towards the end of the first 13 weeks and by the time you hit the second trimester the nausea will be gone, food will taste good again, you will be ready to stay up late and you will be able to play with your other children again. Nausea can be described as general discomfort and queasy feeling of the stomach, with a sensation of possible vomiting.
Always read the drug information if you are taking any prescription drugs, as nausea is a common side effect. Over the counter medication like chewable or liquid antacids is also an effective method of treating nausea because it coats the stomach lining and neutralizes stomach acid. There are other psychological causes of fatigue, which can induced by emotional shock, like dealing with bad news or a break up.
The first trimester can bring with it nausea, sheer exhaustion, sore breasts, cramping, food aversions and cravings that have the potential of making life miserable for the first 13 weeks of your baby's new life.
Conversely, if one is fatigued, then they are vulnerable to feeling nauseous due to weakness.

Getting plenty of rest, maintain a healthy diet, and exercising regularly are a few natural ways to prevent and treat fatigue and nausea. As the pregnancy hormone, HCG, rises in the first trimester, the nausea generally increases as well.
This article further discusses the causes, links, and treatment options of nausea and fatigue.
In cases like pregnancy or side effects from medication, fatigue and nausea typically accompany each other as part of the bigger picture.
Some women can set a clock by their nausea, which may start at the same time everyday for weeks. In most cases the nausea is limited to just that, feeling like you are going to get sick, but not necessarily having to hang your head over the toilet. There are medicines, such as Zofran, that a doctor can prescribe to help curb the nausea and help mom get on with her daily life.

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