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Tired no energy no motivation, what causes sudden ringing in your ears - .

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A quick power nap in the middle of the day is a great method to revitalize yourself and boost your energy to last you until the end of the day.
Practicing any of these techniques will make you feel more awake, more energized, and increase your concentration skills. Tiredness you can relieve, with the methods suggested; fatigue however, is a nasty, nasty entity. Tiredness is being able to get home and fall asleep on the sofa or even get to bed; fatigue is looking at the dirty floor in the corner store and thinking it to be the most wonderfully comfortable place in the world just to lie down RIGHT NOW.
I was in a bad car accident in 2003, I too have fatigue, I wake up in the morning and boom 2 hours later I’m tired!!

Hi Garry, glad this could be helpful I had the same problem, I was always tired no matter what.
The psychological motivation may be there but the physical ability is gone, and far from it being an easy life resting or as some see it, laziness, it gets frustrating due to the limitations it places on us. You could also try taking a new natural product called Vitality, that wakes up the energy cells inside your body.
One more thing I might add is the water you drink should be naturally energized to restore the hydrating capabilities of water. Then take it from there, and follow the tips to help you feel better and get some energy back.

The final key is to do this slowly and incorporate these practices when you feel comfortable, do not force an automatic change, you have to seduce your body slowly over time into craving things that give you energy, with the exception of the water, that should be the first thing you do..
I am no doctor, but I am 50 and I have more energy and am more active now than the kids right out of college where I work.

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