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Tinnitus with hearing loss one ear, hearing aids health insurance - For Begninners

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I was googling and came across some results why i could have hearing loss on only one ear and am terrified.
For many of us, I think that aging and slow deterioration may be what causes our tinnitus and hearing loss to begin. If you think you have SSHL Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss I think you need to see an ENT much sooner to perhaps get on a steroid fast.

The fact that you have T in one ear might make it harder to hear things I have to admit I find it hard to understand people often because T makes it harder to filter the sounds I hear I guess.
A few people on here have tinnitus without a hearing loss, which I always found strange I thought it was like a package deal (silly of me) because I couldn't understand why you would have T if your ears could hear perfectly fine but the world is strange.
She also mentioned that it could be congenital although I had normal hearing when I was a young child, but it didn't develop till later.

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