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This announcement of funding is another important milestone for the Company, which has continued its pursuit of a novel therapy for the treatment of tinnitus. Dirk De Ridder said, “The results from this initial clinical trial are promising, this therapy may be the first operative neuromodulation treatment capable of targeting the brain changes related to tinnitus in a controlled way. It has become an especially common problem in soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with over 850,000 Veterans currently having tinnitus and the Veterans Administration spending over $1.5 Billion annually in disability payments.
Several patients reported that their tinnitus improved after just one month of treatment when evaluated on the questionnaire scores.

MicroTransponder continues to seek additional angel funding to increase the number of patients that can be included in the additional clinical trials. There is currently no cure for tinnitus and while some technologies try to mask the sound of tinnitus, none has shown significant long term clinical success. An experienced team of scientists and engineers is developing neurostimulation technology platforms to treat various forms of neurological disease, including tinnitus and post stroke motor rehabilitation. This is in line with our VNS pairing hypothesis that aims to reverse the underlying tinnitus pathology thereby reducing the intensity of tinnitus.

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