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Tinnitus treatment nz, me symptoms tingling - Review

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Researchers at the University of Western Australia believe they are a step closer to finding a way to treat the potentially debilitating hearing disorder tinnitus. Researches at UWA say changes in the brain that cause tinnitus are poorly understood, although it is clear that an alteration in nerve cell electrical behaviour is the main factor in the abnormal perception of sound.
However, they say they have shown changes in a part of the brain previously not known to be involved in tinnitus, which could lead to further analysis and potential treatment for sufferers. They say the nerve cells and neural chemistry in this part of the brain differ subtly from other parts previously thought to be associated with tinnitus. Student Darryl Vogler, Professor Donald Robertson and Associate Professor Wilhelmina Mulders say they have developed a reliable animal model which can induce tinnitus and measure brain cell activity. A paper entitled Hyperactivity in the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus after Cochlear Trauma concludes hyperactivity in this part of the brainstem should be considered in further neural research into tinnitus.

LOUD AND CLEAR: A medical trial for tinnitus at the University of Auckland is showing startling results.
A new treatment at the University of Auckland offers hope for people who suffer from tinnitus - an annoying ringing in their ears.
Earlier trials had already showed significant improvements for patients within a month, whereas standard treatments usually take more than a year to have an effect. Lead researcher Dr Grant Searchfield said when people experience tinnitus they become attuned to it, like a magnet.
Searchfield said in the past researchers assumed that tinnitus was primarily a hearing phenomenon. Drugs will boost the results by making participants' brains more responsive to the treatment.

About one in five people experience the annoying tinnitus sensation, while one per cent endure a disturbing level of noise. Tinnitus is not a disease but a problem in the hearing pathway or in the central nervous system of the brain.

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