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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding and translating hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull.
The cause of jaw joint disorder (TMD) is not clear, but dentists believe that symptoms arise from problems with the muscles of the jaw or with the parts of the joint itself. Injury to the jaw, or muscles of the head and neck such as fracture or dislocation of the jaw joint. Referral to an oral surgeon for assessment and surgical treatment may be required for severe or chronic cases.

TMJ disorders can cause pain in your jaw joint, surrounding tissues and muscles that control jaw movement. More women than men experience jaw joint disorder, which is seen most commonly in people between the ages of 20 and 40. Corrective treatments including replacing missing teeth and using crowns, bridges, or braces to balance the biting surfaces of your teeth or to correct a bite problem. Keep yawning and chewing (especially gum or ice) to a minimum and avoid extreme jaw movements such as yelling or singing.

Muscle relaxants, especially for people who grind or clench their teeth, can help relax tight jaw muscles. Anti-anxiety medications can help relieve stress that is sometimes thought to aggravate jaw joint disorder.

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