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The Oasis™ device is a patented, precision medical instrument available only by prescription.
About the size and weight of a cell phone, the Oasis™ is compact and inconspicuous, making it easy to continue day-to-day activities during treatment. High-fidelity earphones provide the acoustic clarity and fidelity required for the treatment across a wide frequency range. A small, lightweight Oasis™ device with headphones delivers spectrally modified, precisely designed music embedded with an acoustic neural stimulus.
The treatment occurs in 5 steps over approximately 6 months, with many reporting some relief immediately. Based on your audiological and tinnitus profile, your Oasis™ device will be customized with your individual prescription.
This stage helps relieve symptoms so that you can begin to experience control over your tinnitus while continuing treatment.

The device is worn for at least two hours per day (or longer, if preferred or needed) during daily activities like reading, preparing meals or at the office. The goal of stage 2 is to help the brain develop new neural connections that allow it to filter out tinnitus sounds.
At the completion of your successful treatment program, your Neuromonics clinician will work with you to develop a maintenance program you can use to continue to control your tinnitus on your own.
Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach identifies and addresses medical, psychological and hearing needs that contribute to tinnitus severity.
But now the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment lets you relieve these symptoms and reclaim your life. The DesignMark award indicates that the Neuromonics Processor represents excellence in design as it helps to deliver treatment with a high degree of function, flexibility and portability. The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is convenient and non-invasive, making it easy to use during most regular daily activities.

These sounds, customized for each user’s audiological and tinnitus profile, stimulate the auditory pathway to promote neural plastic changes. Throughout the treatment process, education and support are provided by a Neuromonics-trained clinician. After assessing your audiological and tinnitus profile, the audiologist will then discuss which treatment options are most appropriate for you, and whether the Neuromonics treatment can help. Over time, new connections train the brain to filter out tinnitus disturbance, providing long-term relief from symptoms.

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