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A good working alliance between a client and a therapist is known to be an important factor in face-to-face psychotherapy.
A total of 64 patients (38 Internet, 26 group therapy) completed cognitive behavioral standard treatments for tinnitus over a period of 10 weeks. To answer the question if the working alliance has an impact on the treatment outome, patients rated the amount of tinnitus distress before and after the treatment. This first study comparing the working alliance in an Internet-based and a face-to-face group treatment for tinnitus showed that a positive working alliance was formed in both treatments.
This heavy duty speaker can be placed under the pillow at night, and when combined with an external sound source, such as a radio, can create a relaxing atmosphere to aid sleep and relieve tinnitus.
The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System is a next generation sound conditioner that delivers an unmatched therapeutic sound experience. Sound Oasis fills your room with sound therapy proven to help you: Sleep, manage tinnitus, relax, calm infants, mask noise, improve privacy and concentration.

Turn any pillow into a Sleep Therapy Pillow with our ultra-thin stereo speakers-now with inline volume control. Tinnitus, a condition that causes people to hear sounds such as ringing in the ears even when all is quiet, afflicts at least 10 percent of American adults. Over the last decade, the Internet has been discovered as a powerful tool to deliver psychological treatments and a lot of research has shown that Internet-based treatmens are promising alternatives for the treatment of a variety of mental disorders and somatic health concerns, including tinnitus.
In the Internet-based treatment, the participants received support by their therapist via an online messaging system compared to the weekly face-to-face contacts in the group therapy. Working alliance in our study consisted of three facets: (a) agreement on therapeutic goals with the therapist, (b) consesus about the therapeutic tasks, and (c) affective bond with the therapist.
In the online treatment the agreement on the therapeutic tasks was associated with treatment outcome, in the group treatment the affective bond between therapist and patient. The Working Alliance in a Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Internet-Based Self-Help and Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Tinnitus.

Some research has shown that the contact with a therapist helps participants to complete an Internet-based treatment and enhances the treatment effects. Therefore, we studied the role of working alliance in Internet-based therapy for tinnitus and compared it with a face-to-face group therapy. The tones are customized for each patient based on that person's specific level of tinnitus, although the reprieve is temporary, experienced only when the Serenade is in use.Reports of tinnitus are rising because of widespread use of personal entertainment and communication devices, particularly in children, according to researchers at the University of California at Irvine's Hearing Research Center, where Serenade was first developed. In a paper published online in April by the Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, the researchers, who describe tinnitus as a "brain disorder," said their device was most effective when the volume was set at a level just softer than the sounds produced by tinnitus (pdf).
Tinnitus is also the most common disability among Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans, according to the U.S.

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