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Central Oregon Audiology offers Tinnitus management services and evaluations in Bend & Redmond, OR and surrounding areas.
At Audiology Professionals our doctors will help you find the right treatment for your tinnitus.
A non-profit organization working to improve the resources, information, and assistance available to sufferers of tinnitus. Our professional staff and clinic serves the needs of people who suffer from chronic tinnitus and hyperacusis . Making things worse, tinnitus can lead to headaches, dizziness, pain in your ears, and that uncomfortable feeling that your ears are full.
The most common cause of tinnitus is damage to the hearing nerve that sits in your inner ear. In very rare cases, tinnitus can be caused by abnormalities in the brain – like tumors or aneurysms. Tinnitus Cure - What Can You Do While You Wait for One 2 CommentsTry as they might, modern medicine has yet to find a tinnitus cure.

I Feel Like It Is Making Me Deaf!• You can stop worrying about it making you deaf but you should be concerned about the effect it is having on your general health.• Depending on how loud it is the tinnitus will be affecting your life adversely. The OHSU Tinnitus Clinic provided continuous, specialized care for people with tinnitus from 1976 to October 2013. In fact, it’s estimated that 17% of the world’s population suffers from a nagging noise like ringing in the ears, so there are millions of people who are also asking what tinnitus is!
Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, you may lose some of your hearing, but it won’t cause you to go completely deaf.
That’s why, if you have symptoms of tinnitus, you need a doctor to check everything out.
Exposure to loud noises can also make your tinnitus worse, so be sure to wear hearing protection (like earplugs) any time you’re going to be around something loud. Unfortunately, it is a significant nuisance that can cause people to lose sleep, miss out on interesting conversations and feel like they never truly get any peace and quiet. A CT scan or an MRI can rule out a brain tumor, and x-rays can make sure that there aren’t any structural problems inside your head that are causing the noise.

They drink a lot of coffee to try and stay awake, but caffeine has also been proven to make tinnitus symptoms worse.
So once the tinnitus is gone the hearing loss usually goes as well.• Most people first notice tinnitus when they have had some damage to their hearing.
In fact many people develop hyperacusis – an over-sensitivity to everyday sounds.• When the ear is damaged it (eg from exposure to loud noise or from an infection) it does not register sound at certain frequencies. But the brain’s limbic system then cannot stop this phantom noise from reaching out conscious auditory processing And the result is tinnitus.• The limbic system controls our emotions which as why tinnitus can cause so much stress.

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