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Epistaxis, nasal congestion, tinnitus, headache … are the common symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer. Nasopharyngeal cancer cells arising from the top layer of mucous membrane, nose and throat, early stage disease no obvious symptoms, in the process of clinical diagnosis is very difficult to detect the disease. As one of the earliest symptoms of throat cancer, nasal water flow from a major party is accompanied by blood. Tumor obstructing the esophagus and overwrite the same time cause tinnitus, stuffy ears, hearing loss or tympanic with effusion. In the end, throat cancer metastases in the scope of eye, brain, bone, lung, liver and other organs, especially the lungs and bones. Nasopharyngeal cancer is malignant cancer that starts in the mucous membrane of nasopharynx. There is quite an obvious difference of nasopharyngeal cancer incidence between different races.
Study proved that a muti-disciplinary medical group, which is composed of surgical oncology, medical oncology, department of traditional Chinese medicine, pathology department, department of radiology, anesthetist and professional nurses, can make a more effective, more suitable and more economical treatment plan so as to improve the effect of cancer treatment.
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, with its multi-disciplinary “one-stop” medical system, offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment service to patients. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that if any of the above symptoms occurs, one should go to regular hospital immediately for examination and diagnosis to exclude nasopharyngeal cancer. X-ray examinations, among which nasopharynx lateral projection and skull base radiography are the most common ones, can reveal the coverage of the cancer and the destruction of the skull base. As the EB virus antibody level of nasopharyngeal cancer patients is obviously different from that of other malignant cancer patients and healthy people, serodiagnosis can be used as an assistant method to diagnose nasopharyngeal cancer. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou pointed out that treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer should not be limited to local treatment or any single treatment, but should be combined with multiple treatment methods, such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and minimally invasive therapy, to achieve the best treatment effect.
Minimally invasive targeted therapy is a more advanced nasopharyngeal cancer treatment method in nowadays.

Early symptoms of throat cancer, in addition to the phenomenon of tinnitus or migraine, basically no other phenomena. By nasopharyngeal lymphatic tissue structures rich, the cancer cells spread easily to the stock depth later on in development, bottom, front and sides. If patients develop severe symptoms in parts, as some parts of the fixed bone pain, blood with phlegm, frequent chest pain, swollen livers, eyeballs bulging, decreased vision … that the disease had spread base.
EB virus infection: study proved that EB virus infection has much to do with nasopharyngeal cancer.
Environment and diet: environment is one of the factors that related to nasopharyngeal cancer.
Hereditary factors: ethnicity or family aggregation on a nasopharyngeal cancer patient indicates that the nasopharyngeal cancer is probably a hereditary disease.
Diet for nasopharyngeal cancer patients should involve abundant fresh vegetables, fruit, high-protein and calorie foods, and avoid smoked, roasted, fried and preserved foods.
Tinnitus, decrease of hearing: Tinnitus, muffled hearing and decrease of hearing also are early signs of nasopharyngeal cancer. Headache: about 70% nasopharyngeal cancer patients have headache, which usually appears as migraine. Mass in the neck: nasopharyngeal cancer metastasis to the neck causes few masses, but they grow rapidly, with solid texture, poor activity and no compressive pain. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that once symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer appear, one should go to regular medical institution for examination timely.
For patients who have well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, or other radiation–insensitive cancerous tumors, with lesion situated in the posterior or anterior wall of the nasopharynx roof, and are not surgery excluded, they can consider to undergo resection of the primary lesion.
When metastatic tumor spread to surrounding areas, the tumor surface ulcers, bleeding, runny nose, bloody mucus, or tumor blocking the nose, causing nasal congestion, tinnitus, ie as if the button wax ear, hearing loss. Incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer among middle-aged and old people is higher than that among infants and teenagers, with a starting point of sharp rising at age 30 and reaching its peak at age between 40 and 60 and gradually going down after 65.

Moreover, excessive intake of salted fish and preserved foods are also high risk factors of nasopharyngeal cancer. They often appear as stuffy nose, nose bleeding, headache and tinnitus, which are easy to be neglected. They are caused when the excrescence of the nasopharyngeal cancer blocks the eustachian orifice near the lesion.
Besides checking nasopharyngeal cancer metastasis to lymph nodes of the neck, it is also used in checking liver and retroperitoneal lymph node to see whether there are metastases to these parts. However, while treating the cancer, it can affect the nearby normal tissues or organs causing side-effects like fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, insipidity or favor change in the mouth, sleepless or hypersomnia, etc. Some patients have headaches, migraine, pain, deep in the eye socket, temple region, intermittent pain or dull, the symptoms in the ears and nose appear more. All these communication channels allow patients to enjoy the service of consultation and help them fight against cancers.
Hearing decrease also is likely a result of hearing nerve injury, which is caused by the deterioration of nasopharyngeal cancer.
Although the degrees of side-effects are different, they can be eliminated through symptomatic treatment. Because the symptoms of people suffering from throat cancer and atypical disease similar to the common ear, nose and throat, so that early detection is relatively difficult. Tinnitus and hearing decrease are always misdiagnosed as otitis media or other diseases, and therefore, treatment is delayed. Headache caused by nasopharyngeal cancer is mainly a result from the cancer tissue’s invading to skull base, nerves and blood vessels.

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