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A research project, led by the University of Liverpool and Aintree University Hospital, is giving new hope to patients living with tinnitus.
The University and Aintree have now teamed up to try to gain a better understanding of how the brain reacts in different tinnitus patients. The study, which is being led by Dr Vanessa Sluming, Senior Lecturer in Neuroimaging Science and Principal Investigator at the University, and Fahad Alhazmi, a PhD student, will investigate brain structure and function in people who have tinnitus and those who don’t. Previous research between Aintree and the University has been shortlisted for a prestigious Marie and Jack Shapiro prize by the British Tinnitus Association, which recognises research that is “most likely to result in improved treatment or awareness of tinnitus. For Tinnitus Awareness Week (3 -9 February), Aintree University Hospital will be holding a special tinnitus support group meeting, including a talk by Fahad, on Wednesday 5 February at 6pm in the Clinical Sciences Centre at Aintree University Hospital. As of yet, there is no medical cure for Tinnitus, and for this reason it needs to be managed from a therapeutic angle.
Our meetings provide an opportunity for people to share experiences and ways of coping with Tinnitus. These meetings are ideal for people and their families who have recently been affected by Tinnitus, and for those with long term Tinnitus.

Asons SolicitorsBolton Tinnitus Support Group is sponsored by Asons Solicitors, who helped build this website. Hearing SolutionsThe Bolton Tinnitus Support Group is organised by Personal Hearing Solutions, who provide the the latest technology of hearing aids at very competitive prices without compromising on quality.
Fiona thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from tinnitus support groups from all around the UK – one lady from as far afield as Aberdeen.
Tinnitus, for which there is currently no cure, although there are effective management techniques, can lead to anxiety and depression in extreme cases.
The group with tinnitus will be a mix of people who find the condition irritating and those who don’t.
An information stand, staffed by members of Aintree’s tinnitus support group, will be in the hospital’s Elective Care Centre from 3-7 February.
Information, advice and support are the best medicine for Tinnitus, and belonging to a group is one way of receiving help and encouragement from people who understand.
They specialise in helping their clients claim compensation for work related hearing loss and Tinnitus.

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader in providing support and advice about tinnitus. She recently attended an interesting training day in London facilitated by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). This was very interesting and really made me think about the core reason for the existence of our local support groups and about what people hope to get out of attending the groups.
He added that tinnitus can be associated with many causes, for example, hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, stress and ear infections, although, for a percentage of people there is no apparent link to a specific cause.

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