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Since much of our population is affected by tinnitus, it is now possible to locate tinnitus support groups in almost every major city in the world.
Their main function is to offer help, reassurance, provide comfort and understanding to tinnitus sufferers and their families, thus contributing valuable assistance in coping with their affliction. I’ve set up this website to provide useful information and to help other tinnitus sufferers learn how to manage and live with this annoying condition. Recent research into tinnitus has resulted in new approaches to tinnitus therapy, and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) is one of them. The First Stage is for the professional to gather extensive patient information which will include tinnitus history, hearing, vertigo, lifestyle, diet, employment and any psychological problems currently being experienced. The Third Stage is to introduce white noise generators that will provide a noise level just below that of the tinnitus sound.
Tinnitus retraining therapy is considered successful when you are no longer continually aware of your tinnitus sound.

Vasiliki Erophile believes the smart meter installed on the front of her home has caused her to suffer tinnitus.
A NORTHCOTE resident says her pleas to an ­electricity provider to get rid of the smart meter she’s blaming for her tinnitus are falling on deaf ears. She said a doctor had diagnosed tinnitus and given her a letter of support in a bid to get CitiPower to remove the meter.
This entry was posted in Smart Meter and tagged CitiPower, Ear, Health, Herald Sun, Holland, Singapore Power, Smart meter, Tinnitus. We are supposed to be living in a Democracy here in Victoria, not in a Police State or what is fast turning into Big Brother where these Microwave so-called Smart Meters are now SPYING on what electrical services one is using.
Sadly for us, Mr Michael O’Brien was TOO GUTLESS to meet our group of around some twenty five (25 ) to thirty five (35) objectors to the Illegal Enforcement of the Microwave so-called Smart Meters when some weeks before, he had written a polite letter inviting our group down to his Electoral Offices to speak with him about our Genuine Grievances concerning these Microwave Smart Meters early in March 2012.
These Microwave so-called Smart Meters that were in Greece and supposed to have been Mandated, have caused a great number of Greek Residents the same problems as we here in Victoria Australia are experiencing right now, after the Victorian Peoples’ safe and passive Analog Electric Meters were and still are being taken and being replaced with these now proving to be very harmful to Human Health, and all Life, so-called Smart Meters.

I stated to him that our levels of Microwave Radiation allowed in Victoria Australia and its other States were far higher than in Russia and some other countries.
Yes – I returned from Africa (in the bush) and got tinnitus the first night back with smart meters installed across the road. The sufferer will learn to deal with the tinnitus sound on both a conscience and subconscious level. During this stage you will be introduced to other treatment options that will assist in speeding up the outcome of the tinnitus retraining therapy.

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