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Chronic sufferers of tinnitus, that buzz-killing condition which can arise from overexposure to loud, repetitive beats, will know that there is no straightforward cure for the ailment. To get started, patients put on a pair of headphones and listen to various tones that trigger the tinnitus before being played different frequencies close to the problematic one.
Because the implant is an invasive procedure, it may only be worthwhile for people whose quality of life is really suffering, but it would at least prove that the neurological mechanism that generates tinnitus can be reset. Millions of tinnitus sufferers have been given renewed hope that a drug treatment for the condition is a possibility.
They have identified a cellular mechanism that could underlie the development of tinnitus following exposure to loud noises.

It is this discovery that could lead to novel tinnitus treatments, and investigations into potential drugs to prevent tinnitus are already underway. Tinnitus is thought to affect 10 percent of the population, and in the UK alone it is estimated there are five million sufferers.
There are currently no treatments available for tinnitus, nor is there anything to prevent or ease the symptoms. Following exposure to loud noises, some of the nerve cells (neurons) in the dorsal cochlear nucleus start to fire erratically, and this uncontrolled activity eventually leads to tinnitus. Although many researchers have investigated the mechanisms underlying tinnitus, this is the first time that cellular bursting activity has been characterised and linked to specific potassium channels.

Identifying the potassium channels involved in the early stages of tinnitus opens up new possibilities for preventing tinnitus with early drug treatments. If suitable drug compounds are discovered, they could be given to patients who have been exposed to loud noises to protect them against the onset of tinnitus.
Unlike the state-of-the-art hearing aids sometimes prescribed to tinnitus sufferers, which play specific tones designed to cancel out the ringing, the Serenity System doesn’t mask the noise, but instead retrains the brain to forget it.

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