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Mass Eye and Ear invites you to join us in the fight against tinnitus by making a gift today. The Lauer Tinnitus Research Center will undoubtedly drive the field forward in developing scientifically proven treatments to alleviate tinnitus.
We are at the cutting edge of the research for curing eye, ear, nose, throat, head, and neck disease. I have had a thyroid issue for 9 years and I have dealt with Tinnitus on and off throughout.
Our goals in posting this website is to provide helpful and timely information, including hearing aid reviews for consumers. Eye and Ear launched the Lauer Tinnitus Research Center in 2015 with the goal of advancing research to better understand and treat the debilitating condition of tinnitus.
Konstantina Stankovic is pioneering the development of a new technology to non-invasively image the tiny sensory cells of the human inner ear.

Dan Polley is a leading expert in the function of the auditory cortex and its ability to remodel and restore function after damage. Jennifer Melcher was the first to demonstrate tinnitus-related hyperactivity in the human brain using functional MRI imaging (fMRI).
Eye and Ear is one of the few hospitals in the world with experts and facilities specifically devoted to investigating and treating issues of balance and dizziness.
He will develop a mouse model of tinnitus and, using the most powerful imaging tools available, assess the patterns of neural activity in the auditory cortex of behaving mice. An expert in this technique, she will use fMRI to scientifically test the efficacy of potential strategies for tinnitus.
Her research aims to develop an endoscope to be used in the exam room to assess neuronal survival in the inner ear, a key to diagnosing the cause of tinnitus.
His research will test basic hypotheses about the neural basis for tinnitus, which will help identify the appropriate cellular targets for pharmaceutical treatments.

Her first targets will be to investigate the efficacy of hearing aids and bite guards to alleviate tinnitus. Find Phone & Address information, medical practice history, affiliated hospitals and more. However, it likely causes difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments and may well hold the key to the generation of tinnitus. Her research will provide evidence-based knowledge to physicians and patients and help to offer near-term treatment options for some patients. Liberman and his colleagues are working on therapeutic approaches to regrow these sensory neurons in hopes of restoring hearing function and alleviating tinnitus.

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