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Tinnitus sound therapy app, treatment of tinnitus by yoga - How to DIY

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Enjoy your music and reduce your tinnitus Tinnitus Pro Music Therapy is a treatment aimed at reducing the loudness of tinnitus through listening to individually tailored music. With the easy-to-use tinnitus profiler you can quickly find your personal tinnitus frequency. This app allows you to experiment with both the shape and the amount of filtering to help you get the best result. Tinnitus Pro Music Therapy is the result of scientific research undertaken by Okamoto, Stracke, Stoll and Pantev at the Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis and the Department of Otorhinolaryngology in Muenster, Germany. Little is known about the mechanisms of tinnitus, but recent studies have shown it may be caused by maladaptive auditory cortex reorganization. This app reduces the loudness of patients' tinnitus by exposing them to music of their choice which is modified, or "notched," to contain no energy in the same frequency range as the patient's tinnitus.
The idea behind this therapy is that the notched music doesn't stimulate the cortical area corresponding to the tinnitus frequency, but it still excites surrounding neurons.

Tinnitus (from the Latin tinnitus or "ringing") is a condition characterised by ringing, swishing or other noises that appear to originate in the ear or head. Tinnitus can be intermittent, or continuous; in either case it can be the cause of great distress. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) causes, symptoms, treatments, Many people experience an occasional ringing (or roaring, hissing, buzzing, or tinkling) in their ears. Tinnitus - chicago dizziness and hearing, Tinnitus is commonly accompanied by hearing loss, and roughly 90% of persons with chronic tinnitus have some form of hearing loss (davis and rafaie, 2000; lockwood. A new audio app claims to treat tinnitus - engadget, Tinnitus affects the ears but it originates in the brain. Amazing all-natural Tinnitus breakthrough permanently eliminates Tinnitus issues without drugs or surgery. The app identifies a one-octave band around the patient’s tinnitus frequency and removes this swath of frequencies from the music’s energy spectrum.

This works by stripping out the frequencies in music that correspond to an individual’s tinnitus frequency.
In time, tinnitus sufferers should experience a significant reduction in the loudness of their tinnitus.
After one year of listening to this “notched” music, patients have reported a significant reduction in the loudness of ringing compared to a group of tinnitus patients who listened to music in which frequencies were randomly removed.

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