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Sound generators (also called 'tinnitus relaxers') are devices that generate soothing sounds to distract you from your tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a disease, but an aural condition characterized by noises in your head that can be heard in the absence of ambient sounds. Most of us will have experienced tinnitus at some time usually a brief low-level tone burst that is not intrusive or anything to be concerned about. There are many tinnitus products available that help to make living with tinnitus more manageable. The goal in tinnitus awareness reduction is to find a sound source that works for the individual patient.
If you experience tinnitus (this may include ringing, or buzzing, in your ears), and have not already had a professional assessment, we recommend that you arrange an assessment. You may find that purchasing a sound generator is not necessary as many individuals with tinnitus find that environmental sounds such as the wind in the trees, traffic or waves on the seashore make tinnitus less noticeable. Several CDs and mp3 tracks of relaxing music and nature sounds are available from a range of sources.

Wearable noise generators which are worn like hearing aids are also available but are not listed on LivingMadeEasy. The British Tinnitus Association publish several information sheets and booklets on tinnitus and related subjects, many are available free on their website. It is especially useful at night, when there is less background noise and tinnitus becomes more noticeable. The noises seem occur in one or both ears and can sound like ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing and often seem louder when the environmental noise is low: typically at night or when in very quiet places.
More severe and long term tinnitus is usually triggered by, stress but by far the most common cause is exposure to loud noise; typically, rock concerts, night clubs or industrial noise and is very dangerous not just as the cause of tinnitus, but as the beginning of other permanent long-term noise induced hearing loss that will that will ultimately result. Tinnitus awareness is reduced by using external sounds to reduce the perception of the tinnitus.
Thus you may be able to obtain a sound which helps your tinnitus by opening a window or playing relaxation CDs, tapes or mp3 tracks. Our helpline team can advise you on a selection of tinnitus products, to help you find one that works for you.

There is no ultimate cure for tinnitus, but with therapy, noise enhancements, masking and the use of earplugs it can be managed to a tolerable level or below your hearing threshold which will be like a cure but it can return especially if noise or stress induced.
Sounds that are beneficial may include the Neuromonics Oasis, white noise, pink noise, speech noise, high frequency noise, or zen type sounds. In some instances, referrals to other professionals is beneficial in facilitating reduction of tinnitus reactions. The British Tinnitus Association (see below) have a range of CDs available for purchase including CDs of seashore sounds, white and pink noise. 60% of patients with hearing loss and tinnitus will benefit from hearing aids alone in reducing tinnitus awareness.
Neuromonics Oasis is a customized sound device looking similar to a personal listening device, such as an Mp3 player or iPod.

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