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Phonak Tinnitus Balance App for iOS- and for Android smartphones helps to manage a Progressive Tinnitus Management sound plan.
In general the term tinnitus is used to describe noises that are perceived in one or both ears.
The goal is to not drown out the tinnitus, but rather to perceive it in a relaxed, stress and anxiety free manner.
They surround the tinnitus noise with a soft blanket of noise and weaken the undesired perception considerably as a result.

CL 210 freestyle with additional noise and volume control is the solution for people with hearing loss and tinnitus problems simultaneously.
The perfect combination of hearing and tinnitus device allows required adjustment for a suitable noise regulation. The since many years successfully one- and two-channel pacemakers can be received in Germany from MON-MED GmbH. On the trade fair for suppliers of the medicine-technical manufacturing 627 exhibitors from 40 nations presented high-tech solutions for the development and production in the medicine technology industry.

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