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Financial help for tinnitus research is awarded annually in the form of a grant by the American Tinnitus Association’s Student Research Grant Program.
In doing this, they can determine correlating activities within the brain’s tinnitus-related neural network. Help for tinnitus has been quite difficult to provide adequately, especially since tinnitus is a disorder of the brain. With the $10,000 award from the American Tinnitus Association, Na Zhu can continue in her pursuit of finding causes of tinnitus, especially with her understanding of the complex neural activities which contribute to tinnitus.

The grant, which has traditionally been to a whole school, not individual students in medical schools, ultimately shows the ATA’s recognition for Zhu’s work in tinnitus research.
In addition to being a great help for tinnitus research, Zhu’s breakthrough system may also help physicians understand fundamental neural mechanisms of other neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. For 2011, the ATA awarded Na Zhu, a student of the Wayne State University College of Engineering, whose studies and ongoing research are geared towards finding tinnitus cures. Sean Wu, Zhu’s tinnitus cure system will allow researchers and doctors to note certain tinnitus-related activities in the brain’s neural network and identify these locations by way of auditory cortex electrical stimulations.

With a tinnitus sufferer, sound perception occurs even though there are no external noises or acoustic stimulations.
Because of this, there has been a significant lack of effective tools which can detect and analyze a person’s tinnitus-related neural network signals.

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