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Around 250 million people worldwide suffer from tinnitus, and more than half of those sufferers don’t do anything about it. Surprising new research study results suggest that tinnitus is more complicated than scientists thought by recording the brainwaves of a 50-year old tinnitus sufferer.
A new research study tracked 65,000 women over an 18-year period and found that incidence of reported tinnitus was 15% lower in women who drank five cups of coffee per day, compared to women who drank one and a half cups per day.
If you are suffering from symptoms such as continual whistling, ringing, pulsing or buzzing either in the head or in the ear(s), you may be suffering from tinnitus.
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Taking the word ‘cure’ in its literal sense (a complete removal of all symptoms in the majority of people given the treatment) then there is currently no cure for Tinnitus.
The point here is that we do not need to understand where or how tinnitus arises in the brain in order to discover a cure. For example it has been noted that an epilepsy drug (retigabine) prevents tinnitus developing in mice. Here are some recent research studies from around the web about tinnitus and ways sufferers may get help. Read this article to find out the details of the tinnitus study and their surprising discoveries.

A hearing test will establish if you have a hearing loss, more often than not Tinnitus is related to a hearing loss and simply the use of digital hearing aids can mask the effects. This is better than nothing of course, but a cure is the Holy Grail which all sufferers seek and future tinnitus research studies could help identify. Research continues worldwide on a possible cure and there are some interesting results coming out.

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