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As important as the creativity and the open mindedness, is the application of proper methodology and research structure in order not to reject an efficient approach because of false negative results and not to follow the wrong path fooled by false positive results.
Various research sessions discussed progress in animal research, the interaction between the auditory system and the non-auditory system in tinnitus.
Whether clinicians or researchers, let’s follow our dream to find a cure for tinnitus. The tinnitus research of UCSF Otolaryngology Professor Steven Cheung, MD, was featured in a November, 2013 PBS NewsHour story.
The relevance of epidemiological studies has been made clear, identifying the need for activities to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss, but also to demonstrate how emotional factors and tinnitus interact.

In the story, correspondent Miles O'Brien discussed new treatments for tinnitus, a challenging problem for an estimated 50 million Americans and the primary service-connected medical complaint among combat veterans.
Neuroimaging becomes more and more successful in order to disentangle neuronal effects related to the various aspects and comorbidities of tinnitus. Thus, identifying the neuronal difference between dream states and wakefulness may provide a hint in the search for efficient targets to cure tinnitus. As an example, cortical tonotopic map changes, which have been considered as correlates of tinnitus in the past may be more dynamic than expected and rather reflect complex adaptive processes.
This knowledge can be directly implemented in brain stimulation approaches for modulating tinnitus-related brain activity.

Cheung believes the basil ganglia, an important central part of the brain controlling awareness, plays a key role in the creation of tinnitus when it allows perception of phantom noise to come to the forefront. Other concepts like spike timing dependent plasticity are increasingly recognized as relevant for tinnitus and its treatment.

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