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Pretty much all my teeth crumbled away after years on a high-carb diet with gluten and sugar (and, to be fair, taking drugs), and I had frequent abscesses. Even though my remaining teeth are full of big cavities, they have not broken, chipped, become infected or acquired any new holes since I changed my diet (and, to be fair, gave up drugs). I’ve been on the paleo diet for a few months now, not for anything serious but just to become more energized and healthy in general. This has been a consistent thing ever since we started a lower carb Paleo diet about 2 years ago.
Since my previous diet was very clean and strongly anti-inflammatory, I have to credit going gluten-free, and an overall decrease in carbohydrates, for the improvements.
I was very close to a WAPF diet before I switched to Paleo — and while I accumulated no cavities on that diet (my cavities date back to my vegetarian or guilty low-meat omnivore days) my dental health improved dramatically after the switch. Ginkgo biloba can help stabilize hearing loss and tinnitus ringing by increasing capillary blood circulation. A healthy and balanced diet with smaller and more frequent meals including ample amounts of complex carbohydrates and wholesome proteins is a good start.

Adding more warming foods, such as organic chicken and lamb, can help strengthen the kidney yang energy.
Avoid cold and raw foods and icy beverages, as the coldness may constrict the eustachian tubes, causing poor drainage from the inner ears. Vitamin B complex supplements, including B12 (200 micrograms) can relieve tinnitus resulting from noise damage.
Avoid certain antibiotics, including aminoglycosides, gentamicin, and tobramicin, which can cause tinnitus and hearing loss. Avoid alcohol use and smoking, which speed up hearing decline and promote plaque buildup, preventing proper nourishment of the ears and contribute to tinnitus. While trying out this new diet It never occurred to me the positive effects it would have on my teeth and gum health.
Though not considered a serious or fatal condition, tinnitus does affect quality of life for many people.
Tinnitus, then, is often associated with progressive kidney weakness brought on by overstrain, lack of sleep, and excessive sexual activity.

Overconsumption of cold and raw foods and dairy products promotes the formation of mucus, causing congestion and preventing proper nourishment of the ears. About then I switched to paleo – grain free, low fructose, lots of animal food and fat. One in twenty Americans experiences prolonged tinnitus, and its occurrence increases with age. Tinnitus can interfere with normal activities and, because it usually is worse in the evenings, it tends to disturb sleep. Best way to keep things healthy is yet again to eat real food and not sugary foodlike substances. Effect of traditional Chinese acupuncture on severe tinnitus: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical investigation \,\rith open therapeutic control.

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