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Only someone that’s suffered from the effects of tinnitus can fully understand the impact it has on our lives. This type of tinnitus is less common and is usually caused by a physical problem that produces sound in or near your ear.
Hearing loss isn’t the only cause of tinnitus, but it does tend to occur in people who have some problem with their hearing, even if it is only mild, and perhaps goes unnoticed. The Tinnitus Pill is designed to help people who suffer with most types of Subjective Tinnitus.
The Tinnitus Pill supplies your body with additional Antioxidants – our natural defense mechanism that prevents the free radical from being toxic and causing damage. By addressing the cause of potential hearing problems first, a reduction in tinnitus symptoms often follow. The Tinnitus Pill contains a high concentration of Ginkgo Biloba, Quercetin and Bromelain that all assist in increasing blood flow delivering anti-bodies to where they are needed the most. Every ingredient in The Tinnitus Pill has been carefully chosen based on its ability to help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Bromelain is found naturally in Pineapples, and is widely known to reduce inflammation – a common cause of tinnitus. Required for nearly all energy generation processes in the body Magnesium is vital in preventing and reducing hearing loss, one of the underlying causes of tinnitus.

NAC helps with noise-induced tinnitus, when it’s used to re-synthesize more glutathione to neutralize the toxins.
It’s important to understand there is no real cure for some types of tinnitus, while other less severe (acute) cases can heal without any outside help.
Every ingredient was chosen based on its reputation for helping with the cause, or the symptoms of tinnitus. Like all other treatments for tinnitus, maskers and sound therapy devices are useful for some, but not all people.
They work by producing sounds that mask or distract your brain from the sounds caused by the tinnitus.
Unlike masking devices though, the Tinnitus Pill attempts to repair the damage that causes the noise, rather than just masking over it. Also, unlike paying for sound therapy, the Tinnitus Pill is completely risk free with our 60 day results or money-back guarantee. The Tinnitus Pill will only work to reduce the symptoms of certain (subjective) types of tinnitus.
If you fail to see a substantial reduction in your symptoms, or if you simply decide the Tinnitus Pill is not for you, we’ll give you a full refund. The only natural remedy designed to tackle both the problem and the side-effects that tinnitus creates.

It has a dual purpose in the Tinnitus Pill, also acting as an antioxidant to help reduce cell and nerve damage in the inner ear. It’s also the supplement that has the Tinnitus community split, with some swearing by its effectiveness in reducing the ringing and some noticing little difference.
Bromelain also helps improve the absorption of other ingredients in the Tinnitus Pill, including Quercetin, helping to make them more effective. Any company or physician who tries to sell you a book or miracle cure that claims to cure your tinnitus without knowing its cause or severity should be reviewed with skepticism. Masking devices shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative to the Tinnitus Pill if you are already using or considering using one. Ginkgoforce® Ginkgo is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of Raynaud's Syndrome and Tinnitus.2. Tinnitus is usually related to more serious underlying problems and any company offering a 'cure' should be viewed with skepticism.This product is designed to reduce the symptoms associated with tinnitus such as the ringing, buzzing or hissing.

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