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Sleepsonic builds into its sound delivery design practical features, such as a detachable audio cable, volume control, durable removable foam and speaker assembly, and washable covers to make using the speaker pillow comfortable and effective for masking tinnitus at bed time.
What most users learn to do is position the slim pillow on top or beside their regular pillow so they may listen to it for winding down or sleeping, and then remove it later in the night when no longer needed. There are hearing aids where some relief may provided when the hearinng is tuned to  filter the tinnitus condition since the device provides restored listening ability.
There are hearing aids where some relief may be supplied to the tinnitus condition since the device provides restored listening ability. Sound Pillow voor een betere nachtrust bij Tinnitus!Het Sound Pillow Slaapsysteem is ontwikkeld voor een betere nachtrust. Het Sound Pillow Slaapsysteem bestaat uit een hypoallergeen kussen met twee geïntegreerde speakers. Sadly, there are no solutions to tinnitus but it can be managed by relaxation, medication and dietary changes.
In the elderly, tinnitus is typically caused by natural hearing loss (presbyacusis), which reduces the sensitivity of the auditory nerves. Repeated and prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels can also cause hearing damage and tinnitus In teenagers and young adults.

Not withstanding the above, the most common cause of tinnitus is nerve damage inside the inner ear. Whilst stress is is not a direct cause of tinnitus, it can undoubtedly make the symptoms more severe. There are many products on the market which claim you can gain some relief from the effects of tinnitus. I know that stress plays a large part in my tinnitus but have not noticed any effects from dietary changes. Eight percent of those who have it say that it regularly interferes with their daily activities.1 What can become even more problematic is that the ringing or clicking sound tinnitus sufferers experience can be more pronounced in quiet settings, such as in the bedroom before going to sleep. The choice to avoid the expense and bypass the uncertain side effects of medication is attractive to the tinnitus sufferer. In this way, Sleepsonic can be put aside for more sleep and repositioning of the body, which helps blood circulation and overall comfort.THE NEW SLEEPSONIC REGULAR SIZETaking the ORIGINAL portable high-fidelity speaker pillow concept to a full, standard size was the next evolutionary step - especially in dealing with a daunting task as helping tinnitus sufferers sleep. Het is een betaalbare, gebruiksvriendelijke en natuurlijke oplossing voor slapeloosheid veroorzaakt door bijvoorbeeld Tinnitus. There are also aids and supplements which can be purchased, such as tinnitus maskers, pillows, cd’s and herbal remedies.

As a tinnitus sufferer myself, I personally don’t believe that there is one solution that will suit everybody. Read a war veteren's (and a severe tinnitus sufferer) testimonial on how he slept better using Sleepsonic. De specifieke frequentie karakteristiek van de speakers helpt mensen met Tinnitus de ruis te maskeren. Simply plug into your device and the sound is transferred to the speaker built into the pillow. If you are suffering with pulsatile tinnitus then the tinnitus may beat in rhythm with your heart beat.
Alprazolam (Xanax®) is another drug commonly used for depression that has also been reported to decrease the symptoms of tinnitus by up to 40%.

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