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Tinnitus habituation stories, tinnitus ear bone - Reviews

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I have read that the hearing health foundation is working on regenerating hearing to cure tinnitus and have a ten year goal, but that is ridiculous. Keep in mind I have never shed as many tears in my whole life combined compared to the tears I have shed from tinnitus.
B** B******, which was very professional and explained everything about tinnitus he knew to me and he understood my frustrations but he could not help me but instead of shoving me down the road he referred me to a tinnitus specialist and instructor for Kaiser at the chronic pain department in San Francisco, Ca Dr.
I had requested to speak with another audiologist in the mean time regarding a hearing aid masker that I heard might lighten the impact of the harsh ringing and perhaps habituate to the tinnitus, I told them I was fed up with men and apologized for being sexist but I requested a female audiologist that has a heart.

She has let me try the Widex with Zen tones after truly listening to me and my whole story not just the tinnitus but she left me explain every single this on my mind so she can really understand what I am going through.
I told them I could not afford that treatment although I would give anything a shot if it was reasonable and in my grasp, I would truly give an arm or leg to get rid of my tinnitus. I do not look forward to it either just because all I want in life is for this tinnitus to go away. I have tried everything I can get my hands on, I use a fan next to my bed at night and I keep the window open and I put a fish tank next to my bed and I play calm meditation music and I am so fed up with tinnitus.

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