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Like many who practice EFT, EFT Trainer, Diane von der Weid, has had her share of amazing experiences with EFT, but you will probably agree that this story about a client with tinnitus is quite unique. It was only after doing several sessions of sophrology that he eventually felt some improvements, but these improvements didn't last for long; his tinnitus was fully back within a week after the end of the treatment. Right from the beginning of the session Mark said he couldn't link his tinnitus to any particular event or emotion; so we started the session simply by tapping on his present strain, fatigue, and stress - all generated by this constant sound in his ears.
Suddenly, I felt very strongly his tinnitus was 'protecting him,' I could actually "see" a helmet on his head. Between each round of tapping we stopped and assessed his tinnitus, he reported variations occurring in the high-pitched hissing: the hissing was starting to undulate, becoming less linear, oscillating between high notes and lower ones.

It was time to close the session, and he reported his tinnitus had lost a third of its intensity. We did another three sessions for his tinnitus, each time Mark reported lasting positive changes. Mark called me last week to work on some performance issues; he said he's been free from his tinnitus since then - it's been nine months. People who suffer from tinnitus largely either suffered from depression or stress related anxiety before the onset of the noise.
When a person experiences tinnitus or any illness, there are emotional clusters of feelings attached to the illness within the neurology of the individual.

Now strain and tension were coming back, and Mark still described his tinnitus as a 'high-pitched hissing.' Yet something had changed; it was now not only "in" his ears, but also "around" them! With tinnitus, the emotions can run the gamut from anger to anxiety and distress to depression. Now we are learning that hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of depression, and, now tinnitus.

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