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Recently, one person reported his tinnitus was not present upon waking but as soon as he started walking, it became severe. Somatic tinnitus is a condition where the sensory system in the body can cause, worsen, or influence tinnitus in some way. Robert Levine, MD states that somatic modulation of tinnitus is very common in clinical tinnitus patients. Author’s Note: I cannot modulate my steady-state tinnitus by motions of my head, neck or jaw. One small study showed 46% of participants had improved or completely resolved tinnitus using a TENS unit.7 Patients used the units at home for two hours per day over two weeks time. Many people have tinnitus that changes from day to day, or is worse during specific times of the day. For some patients, anything that causes torsion of the neck, such as using a pillow at night, bending the neck to look through a microscope, or any number of activities, causes a muscle spasm that produces tinnitus.

Noise trauma causes damages, as well as blows to the head, whiplash, TMJ dysfunction, grinding teeth (bruxism), muscle spasm, or some disease states. Because the DCN is so important in tinnitus, it is often said that tinnitus is primarily a brain phenomenon. However, if I thrust out my lower jaw I create a new tinnitus sound that continues until I relax the jaw. The spasm and resultant tinnitus may not happen immediately but can start several hours after the neck is twisted. For those with TMJ dysfunction, there are treatments beginning with a bite guard to align the TM joint. Bjorne at Ystad Hospital in Sweden has developed treatments for somatic tinnitus that range from bite guards to stretching and relaxation exercises that can be done at home.6 Treatment of the muscle tension in the jaw and neck shows a significant reduction of tinnitus severity. They are attached to the skin close to the ear and, as a current is passed through, they augment the inhibitory action of the DCN, reducing tinnitus.

Somatic tinnitus without otologic disease had better response than tinnitus associated with otologic causes.
Some will experience increased tinnitus if they move their body, head or jaw in a certain way. And because these people who aren't getting fully cured (or some who haven't improved at ALL) are stuck for LIFE and have had years and years and years to try various options and to debate things back and forth . THE END RESULT, I GOT RELIEF FROM DEEP TISSUE THERAPY SIMILAR TO "ROLPHING" BUT IT WASN'T THE ABSOLUTE CURE BUT CLOSE.

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