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Tinnitus is most commonly referred to as ‘ringing in the ears’ and can be defined as the conscious experience of noise with no apparent external source. Lifestyle Changes - tinnitus triggered or aggravated by stress, could be managed by seeking further support to deal with the cause of the stress. Hearing Aids - those with hearing impairment may find that wearing a hearing aid can help mask their tinnitus via additional amplification. Sound Therapy - deliberate use of sound to reduce the perception or awareness of tinnitus or alleviate the distress associated with it can be classed as sound therapy. Some people only notice the tinnitus occasionally, while others are always aware of the sound.
Until then, we need to approach tinnitus in terms of helping reduce the impact that it may have on the person’s life.

There may be other important considerations regarding your tinnitus, and the audiologist (especially one who specializes in tinnitus treatment) will help guide you through the process and help you develop a plan for your specific situation. This kind of approach can often be very effective in reducing your awareness of the sounds of tinnitus. It is, however, likely that the treatments will result in you experiencing a noticeable and pleasing reduction in your symptoms, although we do not claim that we can cure the problem completely. In other words, since we can’t cure it, we need to manage it so that it is not as distracting or bothersome.
There are a broad range of devices available on the market providing background noise to reduce the perception of tinnitus. Mild tinnitus is common - about 10 per cent of the population have it all the time and, in up to one per cent of adults, this may affect the quality of their life.

The same can be true for tinnitus: a person has a constant sound that stands out above everything else, but sound therapy can help reduce the contrast. Tinnitus, unfortunately, is often unexpected and worrisome because the brain does not understand where it is coming from…so it is very difficult to accept.
Then there can be a snowball effect because the increase in stress can cause an increase in the perception of the tinnitus, which can cause even more stress, and so on and so forth.

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