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Tinnitus cure harley street, hearing damage album - For Begninners

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Nervously sitting in a Harley Street clinic, I am handed a mysterious device the size of a matchbox, attached to headphones.
How this might work to beat tinnitus is still not fully understood, but the theory is that it will eventually retrain the brain to stop generating phantom sounds.
Promisingly, my tinnitus pitch did start to get lower – but then it would suddenly, and repeatedly, shoot back up to 9,000Hz or beyond, meaning Williams had to recalibrate the device and start again.

Nothing seemed to work for me and, in desperation, I turned to Mark Williams, principal audiologist at the private Tinnitus Clinic in London. Mark Williams, meanwhile, is finalising a scientific paper that he says will show the life-changing benefits that many tinnitus sufferers have derived from the treatment. Hailed in some quarters as a miracle cure, (the somewhat laboriously named) acoustic coordinated reset neuromodulation has been developed by Professor Peter Tass, from the Julich Research Institute near Cologne, and has already been tried on 2,000 patients, most of them in Germany.

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