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Studies show that approximately 50% of Tinnitus sufferers are psychologically affected by their condition.
Using forms of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, in conjunction with the other techniques and lifestyle changes in our TRS Tinnitus Retraining Therapy system, can have an extraordinary results. Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, along with the other effective and important practices in the Tinnitus Retrain Program, plays an important role in the management and eventual habituation of Tinnitus. In your search to understand your Tinnitus, it is likely that you have fallen victim to some of the many common misconceptions. As you know, Tinnitus is an insidious condition, one that not only affects the ear, but your whole sense of peace and wellbeing.
Evidence suggests that these negative emotions may activate a cyclical process, which can further intensify the negative effects of Tinnitus. We might actually be doing more harm than good when searching out a quick fix cure for our tinnitus. The goal of the Tinnitus Retrain Program is to approach Tinnitus with a realistic, effective and positive attitude, allowing you to take back your life.

The reality is if we want to change our tinnitus we first must change our perception and only then can we can take further action in banishing tinnitus from our lives.
Many of the treatments in the Tinnitus Retrain System happen to be the most reliable mental health treatments for Tinnitus. But for others it can become chronic and almost intolerable.There are currently no drugs available to treat or prevent tinnitus. I did not say that you have to endure the ravages of tinnitus for the rest of your life, quite the contrary. The restorative stand-alone methods in the Tinnitus Retrain program form a powerhouse of healing potential, helping reverse the negative impact of Tinnitus on your psychological health and quality of life.
While all of the exercises in the Tinnitus Retrain Program promote habituation, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy also helps to address additional side effects of Tinnitus, such as anxiety, anger, and depression. In order to correct these misconceptions and empower you, the Tinnitus Retrain System begins by educating you about your tinnitus.
This is why the emotional aspect of our health should be paramount when addressing a Tinnitus solution.

The holistic approach and the combination of methods in the Tinnitus Retrain System provide an easy to implement, daily program using progressive therapies.
Although Tinnitus exposure might seem counter intuitive, acceptance and mindfulness techniques work wonders over time.
With the techniques and methods in the Tinnitus Retrain System, you will learn to listen beyond tinnitus and over time the ringing will fade into the background for good. For over 20 years Cognitive-Behavior Therapy has been used to effectively treat the emotional consequences of Tinnitus. These negative and damaging patterns only serve to increase the hopeless emotions associated with Tinnitus, further preventing acceptance and strengthening distress.

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