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Tinnitus control center, constant buzzing in right ear - For Begninners

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Being a severe Tinnitus & hyperaucasis sufferer, I have purchased your product online and trying to understand it. Last 3 years, I was again suffering the same situation (more severe Tinnitus, but much less hyperaucasis than that time). Now I am trying to attract positive side of this situation which is defined as “wake up call” by Paul Tobey who was a famous Tinnitus sufferer and now a successful musician.

Because of their frequent association, hyperacusis is discussed in conjunction with tinnitus, as well as on it own. As you will soon discover, I have extensive training, knowledge, and first-hand experience with tinnitus and hyperacusis. You will find reliable information on this blog site, to help you understand tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatment.

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