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Understanding YOUR Tinnitus!More than 360,000 Canadians suffer from tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears. The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic is an independently owned and operated Audiology and hearing aid clinic located in the heart of Essex county. Mr Stanley contacted The Tinnitus Clinic and underwent Neuromodulation treatment for tinnitus. The British Tinnitus Association reports that mild tinnitus is a common condition with about 10 per cent of the population experiencing it all the time, often severely affecting the quality of life of many.

The Tinnitus Clinic has treated over 2,000 patients and has now opened its seventh branch in Bristol.
We are committed and passionate to help children and adults who suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus or dizziness.
We are the only Audiology Clinic in Windsor-Essex perform balance assessments and rehabilitation services for dizzy patients. The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic is unique as it offers a team of in-house healthcare providers consisting of a Speech-Language Pathologist and Physical Therapist collaborating to evaluate and treat patients all at this one location.

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