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Tinnitus Evaluations at Hearing Solutions: The audiologist takes a complete history of your hearing health to uncover possible factors contributing to your tinnitus symptoms. Amplification therapy: Hearing aids are the primary remedy for tinnitus patients with hearing loss.
Masking techniques: During the exam the audiologist will match the tinnitus pitch and loudness and attempt to neutralize it with opposing sounds.
Alternative therapies: Relaxation and stress reduction techniques are known to be effective in the management of tinnitus. Managing referrals: The most effective treatment for tinnitus is to manage the underlying cause. The first step: Because of the connection between hearing loss and tinnitus, the first step in is to have the status of your hearing checked. The Audiology and Hearing Center at Concord Otolaryngology is a sister organization with Alliance Audiology LLC and is allied with Concord Otolaryngology. The Audiology and Hearing Center at Concord Otolaryngology provides diagnostic hearing tests for individuals referred by family physicians, internal medicine doctors, pediatricians, ear, nose, and throat specialists, school systems, and industry.

Tinnitus History Questionnaire and Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire: Detailed information about the onset of your tinnitus, health and medical history, and noise exposure history are obtained through the Tinnitus History Questionnaire. Tinnitus Evaluation: The nature of the noises (tinnitus) in your ears can be evaluated with specialized equipment and tests.
Tinnitus Treatment: There are number of treatment methods that your audiologist will discuss with you. Tinnitus is the medical term for the perception of sound in the ear when no actual sound is present. Often the exact cause is difficult to determine, but it's known that approximately 70% of all tinnitus sufferers also have some level of hearing loss. The sounds heard by tinnitus sufferers are often the same sound frequency missing due to hearing loss and often the voids in the patient's hearing are replaced by ringing or other sounds. When appropriate we suggest the patient see a councilor who specializes in biofeedback and other behavioral therapies that minimize or eliminate tinnitus symptoms. The Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire provides detailed information about how you perceive the noises in your ears and how it impacts your life.

The appropriate method will depend on the outcome of the tinnitus questionnaires and the tinnitus evaluation. This is why the first step in the treatment of tinnitus is to have a comprehensive audiological exam to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so to what degree. A hearing aid tuned to increase the amplitude of the missing frequencies often alleviates tinnitus. Your audiologist will discuss this information from these questionnaires since they provide valuable and crucial information about you and your tinnitus.

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