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Tinnitus and jaw stress, buzzing in my ear at night - Test Out

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Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre provides specialised physiotherapy treatments for headache, jaw pain, jaw clenching, jaw grinding, bruxing, dizziness, ear pain, blocked ears, tinnitus & migraine. That is why, we, at Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre are committed to providing specialised physiotherapy treatments for Temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMD) and facial pain. An injured or sprained jaw can cause jaw pain, face pain, ear pain, neck pain or headaches that may occur due to jaw clenching or grinding (bruxing) of the teeth due to stress. There can also be instances wherein jaw problems are a result of dental work and trauma caused by a punch to the jaw or impact from an accident.

You can trust our highly experienced team to make appropriate referrals to a trusted group of dental and medical specialists, for conditions that require further investigation.Our mission is to provide a multi-faceted approach to manage TMJ disorder, followed by an assessment consultation. Once we have identified what is causing your pain and symptoms (dizziness, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, blocked ears, ear pain, neck pain and migraine, to name a few), our specialised physiotherapy will begin.
Our safe and clinically effective solutions have allowed many clients to experience significant improvements within the first few sessions.
We also give tailored home exercise program and ensure that we educate our patients about how they can help themselves between treatments.

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