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I was perfectly healthy 48 year old woman before surgery who other than experiencing chronic catarrh and scans revealing diseased sinuses! They went away after a few weeks, but they can recur anytime, especially after a bad cold or flu. After the surgey the bad smell returned (which turned out to be a pseudomonas infection) along with a terrific headache that i didn't have before.
That surgery was wonderful for the first 3 years, I had almost no sinus infection and I could breath for for the first time.
At year 3 I began having sinus infections again, not as bad as before the surgery but enough to be bothered by them.
Drs are anxious to give you the surgery but when a complication arises they will wash their hands of you and tell you it's all in your head, so be well informed! I spoke with my ENT about the problem and she does not suggest redoing the surgery as it will weaken the septum which could cause me additional issues.
I was frustrated by these infections 3 to 4 times per year, so I decided to go in for the procedure after hearing about someone who had this done and was happy.

I have consulted a plastic surgeon about having my nose restructured to aid in my breathing along with having the openings to my sinus fractured to widen them. However soon after surgery two dark spots appeared in left eye, which are painful and come and go, in the field of vision.
The surgery left me with constant headaches, some manageable, many so severe that laying in bed is the only option. I belive it is similar to FESS but I'm not exactly sure as the surgeon did not mention FESS during our consultation. After 18 months of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I decided that I needed to call Mayo Clinic.
He stated the problem was the small fibrous nerves that were designed to protect the head were damaged from the removal of the sinus tissue.
After reading all these posts I am more nervous, I am going ahead with the sugery, I just cant take the pain anymore. I will repost after to update, I do appreciate the other posts so if I am any simular issues I know at the very least what to have looked at.

The bottom line is the vast majority of sinus surgery is not needed, the thickeneing of the sinus cavities does not need surgery. A simple sinus rinse would probably help the majority of people (just ask an RPH at the local Walgreens or wherever). The CT scan showed that I had chronic sinusitis so I was convinced that if I had this surgery, with septum reconstruction, all would be back to normal. Since my ENT charged $900 for the first office visit I will probably just throw in the towel and accept the problem.

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