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Ticking sound in head, physical fatigue recovery - Test Out

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Despite what the headlines say, there’s no new high in net worth per capita, and by extension per household, in spite of all the insane central bank money creation that we’ve seen over the past 5 years. I think when tappets are loose it creates tik tik sound, its ofently kept loosen for new engine or the bored engine, reason is that new engine having no burden, after competing running of 1000 KMS they are adjusted with guage. Knowing the head and engine are new I figured it wouldn't do much but couldn't hurt to clean out the head.

We counted (carefully, and many times, with a watch second hand) that the ticking sound you hear is occurring 6 times per second. I had him listen to the motor with my stethoscope and he was telling me cylinder #4's fuel injector does not sound right. I have daewoo racer having hydraulic tappets and the tick tick sound usually come during long idle, since on low idle the oil pressure is already low and a substandard oil filter even make it worse.

I was going to tap into item 12 (a good source) but broke a 5mm allen head socket in that plug.

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