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Mild therapies are more generally practiced in Tibetan medicine as they are easily administered and have direct beneficial results. Chinese MedicineIn Tibetan medicine, it is claimed that diseases of the ear are caused by an irregular regimen, including diet and daily habits, leading to disharmony of dung, mkhris pa, and badkan, plus a weak point pre-existing in the ear. When the ear suffers a spread-injury fever, there will be a heavy sensation, itching, and pus running out for a protracted course, accompanied by affected heating. For treatment, ear disorders caused by abnormal rlung can be treated by applying melted butter in the auditory meatus, and oral administration of powder made of dry ginger, white peel garlic and Resina Ferula. For deafness and tinnitus, auricular suppository made of powder prepared with Piper Longi, Sallucidum, realgar, Radix Asparagus, Fructus Capsicum, Semen Rinis, mixed with bee honey and butter, prepared in the form of a suppository. Tibetan medicine uses the relationship among these five elements to explain the relationship among the viscera and the pulse manifestation.

In ancient Tibetan medicine, the drug forms are varied, including decoction, powder, pill (bolus), and paste.
Early in Si bu yi dian (Rgyud bzhi), it was mentioned that the treatment given in Tibetan medicine is diversified. Only when these prove ineffective is the physician advised to prescribe medicine and therapy.
For those problems that have developed on the basis of abnormal mkhris-pa, sugar plus butter should be administered, with topical application of a solution made ofRadix Vladimiria and arura (Fructus Terminalia chebula).
The reason for this change may be credited to the condition of the plateau where preparation of a decoction was so much trouble. In medication, it mainly deals with oral administration, including decoction, powder, pill or bolus, medicinal dew, medicinal oil, cathartics, tonics and emetics.

External treatment includes medical instrument therapy, oil rubbing, massage, acu-moxibustion, bloodletting, perspiration, hot compress and medicinal bathing. Most Tibetan prescriptions are compound recipes, with ingredients ranging from about 3-5 to as many as over 100, and, commonly, a score in number.

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