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Things to help you sleep while pregnant, help sleep apnea - Review

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Towards the end of pregnancy, as your bump becomes heavy, you might find it more comfortable to prop yourself up with pillows so that you’re almost in a sitting position. Avoid tea, coffee or cola drinks in the evening as the caffeine can make it harder to go to sleep. I am not currently pregnant however I do have problems falling asleep, my brain often works overtime and I find it difficult to relax and let go sometimes.
I would definitely recommend trying out some of the sleep accessories available, sometimes having a routine and settling yourself at night can help make yourself more comfortable. Remember, when baby comes along you will be wishing you had got all the sleep you could when you were pregnant ! Beside a healthy diet, one of the most important things for a pregnant woman is to be able to sleep well. If you have trouble sleeping then prop a pillow under your tummy for support while you rest.

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Scheduling your days in a way that will maximize your time and allow you to avoid high stress situations (e.g.
This article was very helpful, the only downfall is I couldn’t find anyone to really talk to during my pregnancy.
Some of the other reasons that you may not be able to sleep are lack of exercise, too much exertion or fatigue. Sleeping on the left side is more comfortable for some reason though there is no evidence to prove that it is more beneficial to sleeping on your right side. You want everything to go perfectly, but you find yourself struggling with an array of worries and fears about every possible thing that could go wrong.

While some degree of stress is unavoidable, look for ways you can reduce the amount of stress in your life.
Summer break the kids being home all day every day during the last few months of my pregnancy.
You might find it uncomfortable lying down or, just when you get comfortable, you have to get up to go to the loo. There are some great relaxation tapes available that may help you or even an iphone app with white noise.
With your growing baby bump you find it difficult to sleep on your back while it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach from the very day that you get pregnant.

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