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The Tinnitus Clinic is an independent audiological practice specialising in tinnitus treatment and management, and providing hearing aid consultations and fitting.
The Tinnitus Clinic offers a highly personalised service and a commitment to audiological best practices for tinnitus alleviation and hearing loss from six centres in London, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Leicester and Manchester. It is The Tinnitus Clinic's commitment to provide not only practical, personalised care for people with tinnitus but also to ensure that the treatment is continually supported by the highest standards in medical research.
As the UK business grew, The Tinnitus Clinic approached The Telemarketing Company to handle all of their web based enquiries, the follow ups and the pro active calls.

An extensive three day training programme was undertaken in Brighton by the UK Clinic Manager of The Tinnitus Clinic, who continues to visit The Telemarketing Company site in Brighton regularly. The campaign is complex and requires some medical knowledge, good systems work, empathy (calls can last 60 minutes and be quite distressing) and a high level of accuracy. The team in Brighton needs to keep abreast of relevant media coverage and articles in the press, and to be flexible enough to react and to be able to communicate with all the clinics and truly act as part of the team. The Tinnitus Clinic provides a complete individualised package of care for tonal tinnitus patients including comprehensive diagnosis, Neurostimulator system training and personalised support.

During these visits, and regular Conference Calls, questions are raised, audits are performed and feedback is given.

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