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The ringing tree burnley, symptoms of stress fracture in foot - Within Minutes

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As I live very near the singing ringing tree have seen and visited a couple of times with children. A lot of the images were good ideas, such as an old type of mile stone, indicating distances to Burnley and Padiham. I’d run around all day Friday and Saturday, getting all the images I needed, bar the sculpture. The sun was starting to set and I took several shots with the sun behind me, with the sculpture looking out over the town of Burnley.
Walking to the far side of the sculpture, I decided to treat it as I would a contemporary portrait in the same circumstances. I took several shots as the sunset progressed, and this is my favourite, possibly because of the plane in the background.

The thumbnails supplied were ok, but obviously taken on a compact camera or with little imagination (or both). Unfortunately, they weren’t well exposed, or decently composed to make any sort of impact.
Last day Sunday, and it was beautifully clear all day, and with that in mind, I spent most of the day stuck in the office, working on the images already taken.
It became the client’s favourite, being used as the cover image for the proposal brochure. It’s the memory of the eerie melody being gently sung by the sculpture as I stood around waiting for the sunset to progress.
I believe the original full sized images were no longer available, as the disc had been lost.

All images were straightforward to update with punchy replacements, grabbing attention and getting the message across.
From hideous, bland and boring snapshots, all the way to richly coloured, well composed vistas that did the town proud.
To combat this, I used a flashgun, but set it to compensate for the underexposure by pushing the flash output to overexpose by one full stop (+1.0EV), effectively cancelling the dialled-in underexposure, but only on the sculpture. Lots of other images had been taken in a similar vein, and used on all sorts of promo material with regard to the town.

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