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I recently found a couple of download sites for the entire collection of the original green cover books. In a truly amazing story of an incredible young woman connected with the earth as much as with the stars, Anastasia takes us back to the ancient Vedic culture of thousands of years ago as she tells of her fascinating reality and reveals astonishing knowledge and capabilities to a passing entrepreneur trading along the Obe river deep into the Siberian Taiga. Anastasia grew up and lives in the cedar forest near her Grandfather and Great Grandfather, who met Vladimir Megre in a small settlement on the riverbank and asked him to cut down and bring back a 500 year old tree some 25 miles inland so that it's wood could be cut up and given away in small pieces to be worn as pendants.
Throughout the nine books in the collection, Anastasia's magical words, philosophies and deeds promise to keep the most accomplished greenie's jaw in it's most gravitationally aspired position as she succinctly describes our long forgotten world and heritage and it's deep connection with the earth, it's plants and animals and with the heavens. She explains, as she laughs and plays with carefree abandon with the her favourite wolf and bear, eating a blade of grass here and there, taking nuts and mushrooms lovingly provided by the squirrels, about, well, pretty much everything necessary for not only a happy, healthy life filled with abundant love and wisdom but nothing less than how to turn the world into a most fantastic paradise, which she has already accomplished in no small part according to her hundreds of thousands of loving fans and thousand who are already returning to the land to build their space of love inspired by and according to Anastasia's inspirational example.

I've read dozens of beautiful spiritual books and thousands of articles that warmed my heart but nothing ever stoked the fire like Anastasia. I've read them twice and like to read them whenever I need to lift my spirits and get my vibes up.
An open mind is a necessity to really enjoy these books and for some, to even entertain the information and possibilities presented. If you love them as I do and if you can afford to do so, please don't forget to buy the real thing and support the author and the growing movement to return to natural living as described in and inspired by Anastasia's story.
I try not to think about new information too much and work it all out my your head as I go so un-noticed prejudices dont mess with the perception of it too much.

I bought a set back in 2008 and after reading them bought another set and the 13 pack of book one to hand out to friends. It's on a totally unusual contingent on expose but it has lovely much the anyhow page layout and design. Whether fact or fiction(In my best opinion they're fact), if you're interested in alternative approaches to living, thinking or just want to feel good, they're well worth the time.

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