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The ringing bell, how to fight fatigue and depression - Review

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Along with helping celebrate any gain the company had, the bell also helps unify the workplace. The idea of having a bell to celebrate wins is so simple, yet it can do so much for the company culture.
Ringing the bell was an easy way to announce something great had just happened for the company, and everyone would rush to their computers to await the email explaining what they were celebrating.
Inherently, there are people who are more likely to verbally talk about their work than others.

Especially in start-ups, having an infectiously positive spirit can help motivate employees to do their best.
The idea behind the bell was that it could be rung at any time, by anyone, to celebrate any accomplishment that an employee had made for the company. Having such a simple system for encouragements, ringing a bell and writing an email, makes it easy for all employees to celebrate something they have done. Celebrating all the wins that an emerging company has can help push it forward, and remind employees to cherish the wins – something that is often lost when a company becomes larger and more consistently successful.

After ringing the bell, the employee would send an email to everyone in the office that explained the accomplishment they were celebrating!
Whenever there is a company social, the very least people can talk about is what they, or their team, rang the bell for.

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