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The cynaps enhance hearing restoration project, dsm iv tr criteria for major depressive disorder - How to DIY

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Its simple design can provide anyone with a healthy inner ear (cochlea) with instant, direct, enhanced audio through bone conduction, without surgery.
If you can hear your own voice clearly, then you may experience complete hearing restoration with Cynaps Enhance. If you are able to hear in only one ear, one very cool effect of bone conduction is that sounds from your non-hearing side are picked up by the microphone and transferred through bone to the hearing ear.
The Crowdfund NetworkWe are dedicated in finding the coolest crowdfunding news of the web and in making your life easier, that’s our goal, that’s our passion. Finally Cynaps Enhance Hearing Restoration project is using bone conduction to restore hearing for people who suffer from hearing loss.
The launching of a revolutionary cosmetics collection, with the use of a new nanomaterial as the active principle. This entry was posted in Featured Headlines, Offerings and tagged annette cantagallo, clothing, cynaps enhance, fashion, finland, flux seamless fashion, hearing, heidi helavirta, indiegogo, kickstarter, laene scandinavia, mailbox, maxvirtual, medical, mike freeman, spain, technology, y.en. Normally this would involve a relatively expensive and elaborate surgery to implant the foundation for a device known as a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) into the skull.
Just wear the hat or a discreet band for enhanced hearing in stereo sound – transmitted directly to your inner ear.

When our voicebox vibrates, it transmits the sound of our voice directly to the inner ear through bone conduction – just like Cynaps Enhance! This will help you better understand conversations where there is a lot of noise in the background or when someone is speaking on your non-hearing side in a group of people. Imagine this technology being applied to interfere tumor tissue growth by a unique way, having the same efficacy results that current chemotherapy but without any side effect. Get some cool, hackable gadgets, even if you hear well, and we’ll restore hearing for children who need it most. After surgery, one must take good care not to damage the implant area, lose the device or get it wet in the rain. Use it anywhere, in the rain, or while doing sports, and always have a low-cost backup in case it ever gets lost or damaged.
One unique feature with our device is that you will also be able to feel vibrations from the two transducers to give you an unprecedented ability to locate the direction of sounds and voices using this extra feedback.
Bone conduction has been used in different manners in the past but Cynaps incorporates the technology in a hat which hides the hearing aid to the rest of the world.
Controlling matter on the nanoscale we can get a material which is able to activate and boost the mechanisms that the skin uses to get regenerated.

It has the finest sound, the best performance and will be the most convenient, compact option. The company, formed by 7 people, 5 of them medical researchers, has developed a new material with stunning properties. The genesis for this project was their research into creating damaged tissue for certain medical conditions. We have constructed a nano crystal, 1.000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair, using gold atoms precisely arranged, and used this structure to mount on its surface a complex biopolymer which is able to activate the cell mechanisms that regulates self regeneration.
It affects to the inner skin regeneration properties to create a holistic effect which changes the whole skin condition. You can start using the technology to hear right away while waiting for V2, and you get to keep both units in case you ever need to send one in for a repair.

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