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As the first month of January draws to a close, David presents three fascinating tales - the Beatles' final live appearance, the longest films ever made and the unsolved murder of Irish film director William Desmond Taylor.
Around midday on Thursday 30 January 1969, The Beatles stepped on to the roof of Apple Corps at 3 Saville Row in London for what would prove to be their final live appearance. It was not the best of days for an outdoor gig and John Lennon had to borrow Yoko Ono's fur coat, while Ringo donned wife Maureen's red mackintosh.
Such was the sense of disillusion at the end of filming that the tracks were shelved and only emerged in 1970 after the release of the Abbey Road album. On 31 January 1987, director John Henry Timmis IV premiered The Cure for Insomnia at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Unsurprisingly, this unique piece didn't become a box-office sensation and has never made it since to any home entertainment or online format.
It took the title off Anthony Scott's The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World (1968), which consisted of 2880 minutes or 48 hours' worth of stock footage, newsreels, commercials, undeveloped strips, outtakes and other discarded material. It's to be hoped that Jacques Rivette's 729-minute Out 1: Noli me tangere (1971) and Joris Ivens's 763-minute documentary How Yukong Moved the Mountains (1977) will eventually secure a release.
At 7:30 am on 2 February 1922, the body of Irish film director William Desmond Taylor was discovered by his African-American valet, Henry Peavey, in his Los Angeles bungalow at 404-B South Alvarado Street.
Peavey (who was being investigated for sexual offences) had called Taylor's studio, Paramount, and it is widely believed that general manager Charles Eyton had removed all alcohol, correspondence and other potentially incriminating evidence before phoning the police. Despite the studio's efforts to keep the story quiet, press speculation was rife and several suspects emerged. In 1937, at the height of a long-running legal dispute, Shelby's other daughter, Margaret Filmore, accused her of killing Taylor.
Once feted as the glamorous star Margaret Gibson, she had worked with Taylor in the 1910s before her career had been ruined by accusations of prostitution and extortion.

Several fascinating and persuasive books have been written about the case by the likes of Robert Giroux, Charles Higham, Bruce Long and Stanley Kirkpatrick, who based his splendid tome A Cast of Killers on director King Vidor's long-standing fixation with the crime. David Parkinson is a film critic and historian who is a reviewer for the Radio Times and the Oxford Times, and a contributing editor on Empire. Please refer to our terms and conditions for our separate after sales care line in case of any queries or complaints. They hadn't played before an audience since Candlestick Park in San Francisco on 29 August 1966 and tensions were running high between Paul McCartney and George Harrison, who had stormed out during the early stages of the Twickenham Studios shoot for Michael Lindsay-Hogg's documentary, Let It Be. But, under the watchful eye of producer George Martin, the Fab Four and guest keyboardist Billy Preston launched into a set that comprised 'Get Back', 'Don't Let Me Down', 'I've Got a Feeling', 'One After 909' and 'Dig a Pony'. Indeed, John, George, Paul and Ringo had gone their separate ways by the time the film had its premiere.
Running for 87 hours, the continuous performance ended three days and 15 hours later on 3 February. Yet, for a while, its running time of 5220 minutes meant that it was hailed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest motion picture in history.
Not a single new frame was photographed for this underground epic, which took the long-running crown off Andy Warhol's (or Four Stars), finished the previous year and lasted for 1500 minutes or 25 hours.
But, for the moment, the king of the behemoths is the Filipino auteur Lav Diaz, whose Evolution of a Filipino Family (2004), Heremias Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess (2006) and Death in the Land of the Encantos (2007) all lasted nine hours each. He had been shot in the chest with a small calibre pistol around 8pm the previous evening, when neighbours Faith Cole MacLean and Hazel Gillon had seen a shadowy figure leaving the premises after thinking they had heard a car backfire.
His aim had probably been to avoid Hollywood being dragged into another scandal like the Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle rape case, the drug problems of actors Wallace Reid and Jack Pickford and the mysterious poisoning death of the latter's wife, Olive Thomas. The most famous was comedienne Mabel Normand, who had left Taylor's abode around 7:45pm on 1 February after a sociable evening.

It also later emerged that Shelby had used her friendship with District Attorney Thomas Lee Woolwine to deflect attention away from both herself and Minter by implicating Taylor's former valet, Edward Sands, who had a bad reputation, but also a watertight alibi. But it earned the combo the Academy Award for Best Original Song score and Paul McCartney attended the ceremony on 15 April 1971 to receive the Oscar from John Wayne. Whatever the motive, however, the crime scene was compromised and no culprit has ever been identified. However, no charges were pressed and little more was heard of the saga until 1964, when Roman Catholic widow Patricia Palmer confessed to the murder on her deathbed. But, given that Taylor had been trying to help Normand with her addiction and was chairing a commission into drugs in the film industry, it would seem likely that he was assassinated by mobsters who stood to lose a lot of money if a clean-up campaign was launched.
But, while a crowd gathered in the street and office workers congregated on their own rooftops or hung out of windows to enjoy the free show, next-door wool merchant Stanley Davis was so incensed by what he termed 'this bloody noise' that PC Ken Wharfe was dispatched from his beat in piccadilly Circus to halt proceedings.
Sadly, Let It Be remains unavailable on disc, as the surviving twosome are said to be reluctant to relive such painful memories.
But Lee Groban was present for the entire time, as the project comprised of him reading from his eponymous 4080-page poem to the accompaniment of clips edited together by Sean Jay Manning from porn movies and heavy metal videos featuring such bands as Cosmic Lightning and JTA. Former child star Mary Miles Minter was also much discussed, as the 19 year-old was supposedly besotted with the 49 year-old film-maker, who had helped shape her destiny. Finally, the director and drummer Ringo Starr hit upon the idea of playing a lunchtime concert during the working week when they popped up to check on the progress of Apple's new roof garden. But amateur sleuths were also drawn to her fiercely protective mother, Charlotte Shelby, who had already brandished a revolver at director James Kirkwood and actor Monte Blue when they took too close an interest in her daughter.

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