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Bells Are Ringing is an important end to another era, as it was the last MGM musical overseen by Arthur Freed. Some time late in 1960, Marlon Brando went to see the Vincente Minnelli musical film Bells Are Ringing. Always for Minnelli there is this ambivalence, this nervous hesitation about the matters at hand, and it manifests itself at virtually every level.
Considering the movie’s adherence to its source, the Comden and Green spirit would have dominated, no matter who had directed it.
The convention in Bells Are Ringing derives from fairy tales, fairy tales that are supposed to transform the lives of average Americans. It is true that some of these devices are commonplace in musicals; with Minnelli, however, the conflict is present in the very style of the film and now only in the dramatic structure.
A conspicuous form of communication is art, and the film abounds in creative artists of one kind or another.
Bells are Ringing is highly ingenious and inventive, for not only every situation, and therefore (given Hollywood’s discipline, in the interests of directness, clarity and strength) every line of dialogue, but every conspicuous visual detail or configuration opens up intriguing aspects of the basic theme. Comden & Green originally wrote the role for Holliday, but despite 964 successful performances on Broadway she struggled mightily on set to reinvision the part for the screen.
But as Joe Baltake notes, “With his shrewdly-made Bells Are Ringing, Minnelli, seemingly cognizant of changing times, serious redefines the film musical into something lighter, less insistent and virtually dance-free.
Judy Holliday wants to play the good fairy to the clients of a telephone answering service, but at first she creates merely confusion, chaos, and mischief.
Bells Are Ringing, however, doesn’t oppose reality and fantasy, which go hand in hand in the film.

There are two scenes at railroad stations-railroads being another form of communication line, and railroad stations being switchboards for people rather than voices. Probably most spectators find Bells Are Ringing a relaxed, even sprawling film, compared with, for example, Singing in the Rain, although that Comden-Green story is thematically the more diffuse. The famous team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green (Singin’ in the Rain) wrote this, Jule Styne supplied the terrific tunes, and Dean Martin does a fine job with the part of a blocked playwright. And since Judy Holliday and Dean Martin were never better, and Just In Time is one of the great standards, perhaps he did. Minnelli was drawn to self-doubting heroines whose imaginary alter egos are more confident and glamorous than they could ever be.
It’s hard not to figure out that his version of Times Square is a facsimile But the throngs racing past this set testify to his gift for treating extras like quirky character players, who give texture to the frame, rather than take up space. But although her role-playing makes her seem unreal to herself, her clients eventually bind together – to produce a theater play.
Judy Holliday was well known for always playing down-to-earth characters, and several sequences rely on the populisme, the unanimism that characterized The Clock and which is supposed to be so foreign to Minnelli’s sophistication. Jeff, going off to the country to work undisturbed (so that communication becomes separation!), says goodbye to Melisande, and pushes his way through a suddenly-busy swirl of crowds; the world is full of people, a bustling but human world.
At least until the moment when Frank Gorshin (gleefully funny, a few years later, as the Riddler in the Batman television show) mumbled and stumbled into his Brando routine and giggles swirled around the cinema. In an important aspect, however, her predicament highlights one of the inspirations of Minnelli’s art. As she waits for Dean Martin, Holliday cheerfully greets passerby, walks by a movie theater that plays Gigi, and through example prompts Dean Martin to start singing among the crowd.
Later, alone and forlorn in search of her, he stands in a telephone booth, centrally placed in the left-hand side of the Cinemascope screen. The communications network is also a labyrinth, offering so many options that one easily becomes the slave, not of the lamp, but of the switchboard.

The scene is cluttered and airless and as blindingly lit as an operating room, the soundtrack clattering with mirthless snickers. Seen from his high-angle perch, Martin is the central dot in a pointillist sea of people running, laughing and shoving. Through Judy Holliday’s escapades we see a dichotomy between the richness of the American imagination and the restrictive fore of conventional morality.
Another artist is the dentist, who daydreams about making the hit parade and composes little melodies to himself on his airhose. And certainly any playwright will recall all the legal dangers involved in unintentionally describing someone. It often happens that a film working with the grain of comfortable myths and ambiguities can work up a greater animal energy and emotional subtlety than a film which, without resorting to the counter-energy of scandal, as Wilder so brilliantly does, works against the grain, and so may jolt and fumble and, by trying to be tactful, seem awkward. For all his outre tastes, in one crucial sense Minnelli’s alertness to realities made Bells Are Ringing a more persuasive portrait of the city than the stage version could ever have been. Significantly, the police handcuff her for her flight of fancy, ironic symbol of society’s attitude to the creative artist.
And the embittered Method actor breaks into the big time when he finally consents to stop starving for his art and instead uses his art to get some food (he pretends to be a Fred Astaire type).
Minnelli always did love a party, but as usual his heroine makes a quick dash for the exit at the first opportunity.
Similar to many Broadway musicals of the 1950s, the ensemble had consisted of two dozen homogenized singers and dancers – all young, all pert, nearly all white.
It occurs to us that maybe, by Hollywood magic, or by the magic of l’amour fou, or by the magic of prayer-by-telephone, Ella may step off the train.

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