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Cartoon of the middle ear showing muscles that attach to ossicles (ear bones), and ear drum. The stapedius is more sensitive to sound than the tensor tympani, and is thought to be the "dominant sound generated reflex in humans). Pharyngeal muscle tone alteration, swallowing, Valsalva, and grommet insertion are not effective (Badia et al, 1994). What is needed is a method of selectively weakening these muscles through drops administered through a ventilation tube or grommet.
Attacking the reflex at the neural level would also seem possible -- perhaps a method of cutting the nerve to the TT muscle. Bance M, Makki FM, Garland P, Alian WA, van Wijhe RG, Savage J.Effects of tensor tympani muscle contraction on the middle ear and markers of a contracted muscle. The stapedius is attached to the stapes (of course -- horseshoe object above), while the tensor tympani is attached to the ear drum.

The muscle is not as strong as the stapedius, and the tendon also contains more elastic tissue and fat. Patients usually indicate that it makes a "thumping" noise -- like a tympani drum !
This information is not especially useful, but it does suggest the general idea that when muscles are more irritible, tinnitus can result. According to Bance, tensor tympani function can be measured by detecting changes in middle ear impedence. The stapedius is innervated by the 7th nerve, and is therefore part of a different circuit than the tensor tympani (5th nerve). Thus contractions of the tensor tympani may also be accompanied by contraction of the palatal muscles. The tensor tympani courses through a bony canal in the wal of the anterior middle ear, and attaches to the neck of the manubrium.

Of course, the TT is a small muscle and thus only a small amount of Botox is needed (Botox, sold by Allergan, is extremely expensive). It seems to us that the TT muscle requires considerable local irritation to develop myoclonus, and medications that affect the whole body are unable to reduce such intense local spasms.
Hieronymus Fabricius, an Italian (1533-1619) was the first to propose theories on tensor tympani function. The tensor tympani is innervated by a branch of the mandibular division of cn V, via the otic ganglion.

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