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Symptoms of sleepwalking, tinnitus cure by 2020 - Review

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Sleepwalking is basically a sleeping disorder in which the person is physically mobile while still deep asleep. Sleepwalking is more common in children of pediatric age; however there is no age limitation and adults can have the symptoms.
Sleepwalking is undoubtedly a dangerous disorder as if you have stairs at home; your child or other family member may slip off from stairs and get injured while sleepwalking. It is important to treat the underlying medical condition first; this may automatically treat sleepwalking without needing any additional therapy.

While walking sleep might be the only symptom displayed by one person, another person might start talking in her sleep, sit up in bed or perform repeated motions.
Anticipatory awakening can also be employed for those individuals that have a fixed time of sleepwalking.
Anticipatory awakening involves waking up these individuals 10 to 15 minutes prior to an expected sleepwalking episode and allowed to go to sleep again only after the respected time has passed.
Sleep apnea sleep walking occurs when someone with sleep apnea also displays symptoms of sleep walking and other sleep disorders.

Sleepwalking is more common in children but adults can also occur in diseases such as epilepsy or high stress level.

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