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Although multiple sclerosis (MS) most commonly affects people who are ages 20 to 40, as many as 5 percent of MS patients develop symptoms during childhood. At Mayo, these data are used not only for research but also as guidance for families facing potential school-related problems. As a major center for adult MS, Mayo can also offer pediatric patients a smooth transition in their medical care for a lifelong disease.

In conjunction with five similarly designated centers, Mayo researchers also are enrolling patients in a database to support studies on the causes and management of these CNS disorders in children. According to an article in the January 2013 issue of Journal of Child Neurology, in a recent study of pediatric patients, researchers from Mayo and other pediatric MS centers of excellence identified cognitive impairment in 35 percent of study participants with MS and 18 percent of participants with clinically isolated syndrome.
Other common side effects include reactions at the injection site and flu-like symptoms such as fatigue and malaise.

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