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Medical history, your current and past these abnormalities include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia because of the multifactorial nature.


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Personality disorders are a category of mental illness which affects the perception of situations or people, including over the person itself.
Treatment for personality disorder not otherwise specified is determined by the patient’s personality, its severity and the life situation. Hospitalization and treatment programs can be used when the personality disorder not otherwise specified is severe. Please pay attention that the above treatment solutions are provided to you as general information and they are not meant to be a safe solution for your disorder. This entry was posted in Personality Disorder Nos and tagged personality disorder, personality disorder nos, personality disorder not otherwise specified on July 20, 2013 by admin.
In general, patients with personality disorders not otherwise specified have troubles in social relationships and in emotional state regulation. People having personality disorders may feel lonely and in general they will choose activities that do not involve interaction with other people because they put much value on solitude and independence. Often, people with personality disorder not otherwise specified are working during night shifts at some stores or they are watching the cameras. In order to get a better understanding of this concept, we will use one definition for this disorder, the most accurate one: it is an assembly of features, predominantly cognitive, dispositional and relational, illustrated by a behaviour that deviates clearly from the expectations of the individual and from the social norms of the group. All this means that at a person diagnosed with personality disorder you will find certain traits, specific emotions and behaviours that are present there for a long time, often with deviations from the norms of the group he belongs.
There are several types of personality disorders, but in general the patient suffering of a personality disorder has a rigid thinking and an unhealthy behaviour, regardless of where they are.
Maybe the patient has indeed symptoms of a specific personality disorder, but they are not enough to meet the diagnostic match. On the other side, it was revealed that nearly half of the patients suffering of mood disorder abandon the treatment or they perform it inconsistently once their mental state starts to improve.
These days therapists benefit by a wide range of options when it comes to mood disorder not otherwise specified treatment. As you can notice the mood disorder not otherwise specified treatment is a complex process to which equally the patient, the psychotherapist and the family participate.
If you want to get rid of your mood disorder or if you want to help someone to get rid of it, please do not follow strictly the above treatment solutions. This entry was posted in Mood Disorder Nos and tagged mood disorder, mood disorder nos, mood disorder nos treatment, mood disorder not otherwise specified on July 17, 2013 by admin.
If children are experiencing sadness or depression following up a bad event in their life, such as the loss of a loved one or the breakup, then it is a normal behaviour and this is not a sign of a mood disorder. Mood disorder not otherwise specified manifests on the affective side of life, to the psychomotor side, to the cognitive side and to the somatic side.
If you have any of the above symptoms pay attention, because they are strongly related to the mood disorder not otherwise specified.
This entry was posted in Mood Disorder Nos and tagged mood disorder, mood disorder nos, mood disorder nos for children, mood disorder not otherwise specified on July 17, 2013 by admin. Mood disorder not otherwise specified represents a mood disorder characterized by sadness, despair, hopelessness, loss of interest for any activity, symptoms that are taking over the control on the individual’s life, interfering with his ability to work, learn, eat, sleep or have fun. Children and adolescents often suffer of mood disorders not otherwise specified, being among the most common affections. If you have or you know someone loved who has mood disorder not otherwise specified symptoms, then you are lucky, because these disorders are treatable. This entry was posted in Mood Disorder Nos and tagged mood disorder, mood disorder nos, mood disorder not otherwise specified on July 17, 2013 by admin. Studies have shown that hormones have a profound impact on brain chemistry that controls the emotions and the mood.
When a woman gets to menopause, many changes may be involved in the estrogens, progesterone and testosterone production as a result of hormonal imbalances that may cause mood disorders.
The main symptoms of manic and depression, associated with bipolar disorder include both changes of behaviour and mood as well. Children of all ages can experience mood disorders that could be the result of natural causes or development reasons.
Having an unhealthy diet can be another cause for mood disorder not otherwise specified, that can cause a negative reaction of the body and because children do not have yet the maturity to understand the cause of these changes, they are prone to mood disorders. This entry was posted in Mood Disorder Nos and tagged mood disorder, mood disorder nos, mood disorder not otherwise specified on July 14, 2013 by admin. Eating disorders not otherwise specified are serious illnesses which need to be discovered in time and treated properly. Excessive concern about physical appearance and body weight, loss of self esteem and depression are specific to a certain type of personality that characterizes these patients.
The eating disorder not otherwise specified is associated with periods of food restriction mixed with periods of excessive eating. This entry was posted in Eating Disorder Nos and tagged eating disorder, eating disorder nos, eating disorder nos symptoms on July 14, 2013 by admin. Eating disorder not otherwise specified is characterized by some specific eating habits which affect the weight control behaviour.
There are researches that suggest that the contribution of the media on the growth of eating disorders is very high. Almost all eating disorders not otherwise specified are influenced by the image that each individual has about their bodies. Studies have shown that almost a third of all women practicing a sport suffer from eating disorders.
This entry was posted in Eating Disorder Nos and tagged eating disorder, eating disorder nos, eating disorder nos causes on July 14, 2013 by admin.
Cognitive disorders are a category of mental illnesses that affect learning, perception, memory. The most important symptoms of cognitive disorder not otherwise specified are: trouble paying attention and staying focused, memory loss, decreased learning, adaptability issues as well as difficulties with problem solving. If you have memory losses, use a notebook to write things down, notebook for appointments and get used to a routine. This entry was posted in Cognitive Disorder NOS and tagged cognitive disorder, cognitive disorder nos, cognitive disorder nos treatment on July 14, 2013 by admin.
Mood disorder not otherwise specified is a relatively persistent emotional state that can have fluctuations in depth, intensity and duration. Mania – it can be characterized by mood changes, changes in the way of thinking, behavioural disorders (such as increased energy, overspending, sexual affairs, excessive familiarity), verbose (such as exaggerated speech, accelerated and impossible to have a continuous quantity), decreased ability to concentrate and decreased need for sleep.
Depression – it can be characterized by a decreased mood or a lack of pleasure or interest in any activity, sleep disturbances (like insomnia or hypersomnia), changes in appetite and weight, fatigue, lack of energy, low self esteem, anxiety, sadness, irritability, culpability, agitation or suicide ideation. Mood disorder not otherwise specified, also known as affective disorder, is part of a class of diseases that have as a distinctive feature the appearance of an unusual mood under some specific circumstances. Depression and euphoria are the cardinal symptoms of the depressive syndrome and the manic syndrome.
In psychopathology, depression may occur as a symptom, as a syndrome or as a disease, which is the most common entity.
In mood disorder not otherwise specified lack of interest and pleasure is the second important symptom. During attention investigations, doctors observed an obvious decrease in concentration, the patient reporting that it cannot concentrate on a book or a show and this disorder of attention can be objective. In many cases family and friend do not know how to help a person with mood disorder not otherwise specified.

There are several types of personality disorders, but those who are not part of a category are called personality disorders not otherwise specified and they are characterized by rigid thinking and unhealthy behaviour, regardless of where they are.
Because personality disorders tend to be chronic, in most cases the treatment is scheduled for long term.
Since there is a mix of factors and the disorder is not clearly specified, this is the best solution.
Antidepressants – they are recommended only if the patient has impulsive mood, anger periods, irritability or negative state of mind. Usually, hospitalization is recommended when patients are not able to take care of them or they are a danger to themselves. The patient has to respect the treatment, not to miss sessions and to administer the medication according to the prescription.
They are not able often to respond appropriately to social cues when they are encountered with a specific social situation. We think that a personality disorder automatically means a conviction to a negative state of mind for the rest of life. Personality disorder not otherwise specified is known in scientific world as Personality Disorder NOS or PDNOS, being part of DSM-IV Axis II personality disorder.
However, if your symptoms are not a perfect match for one specific personality disorder, the doctor should consider them important and to warrant a diagnosis of personality disorder not otherwise specified. Mood disorder treatment is very complex and it includes both drug consumption and psychotherapy approach. Developed since the ’50s, mood disorder drugs passed through several generations of medications and have been developed increasingly effective and better tolerated by patients. This is used in order to change the cognitive distortions that may occur in the patient’s mind and which are considered to be responsible for mood disorders usually.
Last but not least, the friends and the family of the patient with this affection have a very important role in its recovery. Pay a visit to a doctor because he is the right person that can advise you depending on the symptoms you have. Of course, during each person’s life there are moments of sadness and moments during which it seems that there is not enough energy in order to cover everything or doing small things, but this condition is often transient, lasting for no more than a few days, after which things should return to normal. Parents, personnel, medication or environment can help it cure, if you know the symptoms in order to get the proper help method.
It is normal for a person’s disposal to modify occasionally as a reaction to certain situations or events, although in most people the mood is fairly constant. Development of young children can experience many mood changes, but the language does not allow them to express themselves enough. If family history has anxiety or bipolar disorders, in which mood swings occurred, the child may inherit this affection. In most cases, people who suffer from eating disorders do not recognize that something abnormal is happening, on the contrary, they oppose to the provided aid by family or doctors. Dissatisfaction over the entire body or over some parts of it can trigger an eating disorder not otherwise specified. They are caused by a variety of factors, but most of them include damage to certain areas of the brain, resulting in a certain disorder. This type of disorder affects the way one perceives and processes information, so it is vital that the illness be diagnosed as soon as possible and a treatment started.
Mood disorders differ from normal variations through persistence, severity, duration and sometimes by the presence of other symptoms and functional disorders.
The most common mood disorders are the bipolar disorder, depression, postpartum depression, cyclothymiacs or seasonal disorder. The depressive syndrome represents a set of signs and symptoms that affect the cognitive, affective and behavioural scope.
Medically, this symptom is expressed by the lack of pleasure for any activity that was previously enjoyable. This treatment defines the treatment performed by dialogue about the patient and the lifestyle that determined the disorder. People suffering of personality disorder not otherwise specified do not want or they have only a little interest in sexual experiences with other people that normally they would be attracted of.
This is a common diagnosis which may be encountered when there is no other personality disorder specified in the DSM to fit the individual symptoms and traits. In some scenarios, patients do not realize they suffer from a personality disorder because his way of thinking and his behaviour are natural for themselves and they blame other people for the challenges they face. These two methods of intervention are not mutually exclusive and they are actually complementing each other.
When you have to choose the medication, the psychiatrist considers a particular type of it depending of your symptoms and the age, other associated diseases, medicinal cures and lifestyle as well.
In order to diagnose correctly the mood disorder not otherwise specified a specialist advice is required, the psychiatrist being able to determine the severity of the disorder and to recommend the appropriate treatment for your specific mood disorder, which can be treated either with medication accompanied by psychotherapy or, as appropriate, only with psychotherapy.
There are long periods during which mood disorder symptoms can occur or reoccur, months after months, and in this scenario they are not interfere with normal life activities or with a person’s relations. Depression is not necessarily a pathological state but an effective mood disorder, strongly related to the life cycles or to nature variations. But for an individual having a depressive disorder it is about a deep pain which takes over the control.
Another cause for the mood disorder not otherwise specified may be the stress at home and at work.
Men menopause is another cause for mood disorders, being a specific symptom during men menopause.
Men who suffer from bipolar disorder may make abuse of alcohol, drugs and relationship problems. Most frequently there are discussions about eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, but eating disorder not otherwise specified is common too.
If you have a weight not proportional with the height and you notice that the entire body is covered by fine hair, then you may suffer of an eating disorder. If you suffer from an eating disorder, you certainly underestimate yourself and you do not trust in your qualities. There is also the possibility for eating disorders to be harder to identify in men because generally they are manifested by an excess of exercise. Disorder will persist as long as the person will try to achieve the desired weight and shape, being in most cases unrealistic.
It is known that not all patients respond to treatment plans in the same way, so a proper examination needs to be done by a specialist and decide the best approach. Mood disorder not otherwise specified is a disease characterized by recurrent episodes of mania and depression with normal periods between illness episodes. The manic syndrome represents a set of signs and cognitive, affective and behavioural symptoms that have as main symptoms the euphoria or the irritability.
In many cases patients do not realize they suffer from a personality disorder because his way of thinking and behaviour are natural for themselves and blame others for this situation. If the patient is experiencing mild symptoms which can be controlled, the treatment can only be determined by the doctor, the psychiatrist or psychotherapist. During psychotherapy the patient will learn more information about the medical condition he suffers, about mood, feelings, behaviour and thoughts.
By working with the doctor, he may decide which is the most effective treatment option, considering the manifested symptoms and their severity, the patient preferences, the side effects of the treatment and other factors.

Also, they may seem dull or indifferent to others and they are not good for being group leaders. In this article you will better understand what a personality disorder not otherwise specified is, what are the implications and what can you do if you observe to you or to your friends certain feelings, traits or behaviours that begin to affect our lives negatively.
But no drug comes without side effects and the individual having mood disorder should be aware that sometimes it takes perseverance to overcome the initial difficult period of the treatment and that always it has to balance the benefits of the treatment with its unpleasant effects (which in most cases will be transient and insignificant). A good thing to know is that these signs of a mood disorder can vary very much depending on age. In some forms, affective symptoms are replaced with somatic ones, such as chest pain, abdominal pain or headaches. Although many people associate the mood changes with bipolar disorder or with manic depressive disorder, these conditions should not be considered always. The modern lifestyle plays a key role in amplifying the sudden changes in mood, like smoking, drinking, eating fast food and the lack of physical activity.
Diabetes and its blood sugar fluctuations can contribute as well to mood disorder and mood changes.
Pay attention to the sleeping hours of your children, because they need more sleep than adults, otherwise they can become irritable and prone to mood disorders. There are actually people that think effectively that they do not have an eating disorder and they blame everything else when they notice symptoms specific to these disorders.
A person having an eating disorder not otherwise specified is a rundown appearance, he can’t manage to focus as before, it is slow and sometimes has incoherent speech. Affected individuals are often in a state of denial, whether conscious or not, refuse to recognize the existence of a problem. Some studies have shown that up to 25% of all people with eating disorders not otherwise specified are men. This type of injury can cause a multitude of symptoms that can, over time, get better, stay the same or worsen.
An individual becomes mentally ill when he is no longer accepting himself or others, when it has an aggressive preoccupation with his own body and with his own person, when he lose the contact with the reality, retreating himself into his own world, not being anymore able to adapt to social, occupational and cultural norms.
Mood represents an emotional state which can be present for a long time, varying between sadness or joys which the individual can control it and which is reflected in all individual life aspects. At perception level may occur disorders, such as headache, somatoform disorders, auditory or visual hallucinations. There are cases when personality disorder is so severe that patients need a doctor care until he will be lucid enough to take the best decisions.
Personality disorders are a long term behaviour pattern and mismatch of perception and response to other people and stressful circumstances. In the latest period, mood disorder not otherwise specified has been given a lot of attention. It is well known that any mood disorder medication need time in order to apply its effects, between three and five weeks, to reach its maximum effectiveness. There are many situations when mood disorders not otherwise specified are undiagnosed because its symptoms can be underestimated and the problems can be associated with different other affections. Doctors believe that depression in men may include symptoms such as irritability, social isolation, excessive alcohol consumption or illegal drugs consumption. You need to control your blood sugar level constantly especially if you notice inappropriate changes in your mood. At puberty, children may feel social pressure, specific to this stage of development, which can contribute to mood disorder not otherwise specified causes. Therefore, a child having ADHD may experience mood disorders and difficulty in focusing attention and follow instructions. Therefore, we thought it might be useful for you a small guide for detecting eating disorder. Depression, anxiety or other disorders occur frequently associated with this disorder, making treatment and recovery more difficult.
When you have eating disorders you may be cold all the time so the body develops this brush protection. For example, a diet can become problematic when the rules are so strict that daily consumption of aliments starts becoming inadequate, being either insufficient or not proper in terms of nutrition. There are sports, such as ballet, gymnastics and fighting that can constitute risk factors for the occurrence of eating disorders not otherwise specified causes.
Eating disorders have long been considered typically feminine problem, but men began also to be affected increasingly, mainly due to cultural norms that require men to be muscular and to have a well done body.
Other factors that cause cognitive disorders are strokes, tumors, infections, diseases or exposure to toxins. Someone who is suffering from cognitive disorder not otherwise specified can make follow a set of rules, to exploit the treatment plan to the maximum. Mood disorder not otherwise specified may be classified according to its intensity, recurrence, complexity or duration. Each individual express their depression through a personal equivalent of sadness, anger or bad mood.
At the mind level disorders may occur as well – the patient can hardly express its ideas, the verbal expression is slow. Some symptoms of this disease are radical changes of mood, when the individual switches easily from depression to mania.
Talk with your doctor when you constantly have mood swings because you may need to adjust the medication. Lack of exercise weakens the child’s body and could have a negative impact on your mood. The pressure during vomiting causes breakage of small blood vessels, so if you have these symptoms it is advisable to see a doctor. Removing the nutrients from your diet is one of the worst things because your body has nothing else to consume. Cognitive disorder not otherwise specified is the category of cognitive disorders that doesn’t meet the requirements for any other type (delirium, amnesia, dementia) and it is the effect of a medical condition.
Also, drugs and alcohol must be avoided because they can worsen the symptoms of personality disorder not otherwise specified.
More than that, almost all teenagers are not so communicative when it comes to looking for help. It is also important to acknowledge that people having eating disorders have a high risk for developing health problems. Many people having eating disorders have a very low self esteem and they try to maintain a low weight as a way to think that they are in control. Kept untreated, mood disorder not otherwise specified can led to serious issues of behaviour, potential school failures, extreme irritability, abuse of drugs, self injuries or, in extreme situations, suicide.
However, studies have shown that western countries are more affected, although cases of eating disorders are common in China or Japan.

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