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ADHD Affects Adults, TooAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not limited to children -- 30% to 70% of kids with ADHD continue having symptoms when they grow up. In addition, people who were never diagnosed as kids may develop more obvious symptoms in adulthood, causing trouble on the job or in relationships.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Signs of Adult ADHD: Running LateADHD in adults follows a slightly different pattern than in children. Adults may realize that their tardiness is undermining their goals, but they just can't seem to be on time. Signs of Adult ADHD: Risky DrivingOne of the hallmarks of ADHD is difficulty keeping your mind on the task at hand.

Signs of Adult ADHD: DistractionAdults with ADHD may have trouble prioritizing, starting, and finishing tasks. Your health care provider will investigate whether these conditions could be causing your symptoms instead of -- or in addition to -- ADHD. Complications of Adult ADHDCoping with the symptoms of adult ADHD can be frustrating in itself. At the same time, many adults with ADHD struggle with depression, anxiety, or obsessive compulsive disorder. Studies have shown adults taking stimulants have fewer ADHD symptoms -- and some people may feel they can concentrate better within about 30 minutes.
Counseling for ADHDMost adults with ADHD improve when they start medication, but they may continue to struggle with poor habits and low self-esteem.

In one national survey, only half of adults with ADHD were employed full time, compared to 72% of adults without the disorder. Careers for Adults with ADHDThere's not much research yet into the careers where people with ADHD are likely to thrive. Diet Tips for Adults with ADHDSome experts believe foods that provide quality brain fuel could reduce symptoms of ADHD. Research in children indicates switching to a sugar substitute, such as aspartame, does not reduce symptoms of ADHD.

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